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Introducing this Whole Brisket, a premium cut that will transform your grilling experience. Dry-aged and hand-cut, it offers a unique taste and requires a full day’s commitment to smoke to perfection, ideal for enthusiasts.

This brisket comes from pasture-raised cattle, raised without antibiotics or added hormones. The beef undergoes a 14-day dry-aging process, enhancing its deep, complex flavors.

Perfect for both experienced and novice grillers, this brisket brings succulence and smoky richness to your barbecue. Impress your guests with its tender texture and exceptional taste.

Experience the superior flavor and quality of this Whole Brisket. Take your barbecue to the next level and make a lasting impression with every bite.

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Introducing the Whole Brisket, a cut above the rest that promises to elevate your culinary game. This dry-aged, hand-cut brisket is the epitome of quality for any smoke aficionado.

Discover the tenderness and rich flavor of a beef cut that’s been slow-cooked to perfection. This Whole Brisket is carefully crafted to provide an exceptional taste experience.

This brisket stands out for its exceptional taste, owed to its ethical sourcing. Each brisket comes from 100% pasture-raised cattle, without antibiotics or hormones, ensuring you enjoy a product that’s both high-quality and responsibly sourced.

Dry aging for at least 14 days helps this beef develop a robust flavor profile. Each bite delivers a complexity that will keep your palate interested and satisfied.

The Whole Brisket is ideal for both experienced pitmasters and those new to the smoking scene. It promises an impressive meal that’s sure to impress any diner.

What’s To Love

Experience unparalleled flavor with the Whole Brisket. This hand-cut, dry-aged beef is unmatched in taste and quality.

Preparing this Whole Brisket is a commitment that pays off with incredible results. Slow cooking brings out a rich, smoky flavor, creating a standout dish.

Sourced from 100% pasture-raised cattle, this brisket is free from antibiotics and hormones. The 14-day dry aging process intensifies its flavor, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

Perfect for barbecue enthusiasts of all levels, this Whole Brisket is sure to enhance your grilling repertoire. Enjoy a standout meal that’s as enjoyable to cook as it is to eat.

How To Use

Whole Brisket demands patience but rewards you with an unrivaled taste. Start by preheating your smoker or oven to 225°F. Season the brisket with salt and pepper or your choice of spices, and let it rest at room temperature for an hour before cooking.

Slow cooking is crucial for a tender brisket. Cook it for about 1 to 1.5 hours per pound until it reaches an internal temperature of 195°F. Once done, let it rest for 30 minutes before slicing against the grain.

Serve the Whole Brisket with pride, knowing its dry-aged, quality cut delivers a depth of flavor that’s hard to beat.

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    Robert Greene

    As an at-home chef, I’m always on the lookout for high-quality ingredients that can enhance my culinary experiments. Recently, I had the pleasure of using a whole brisket in my kitchen and the experience was nothing short of delightful.

    The brisket arrived well-packed and fresh. Aesthetically, it was a beautiful piece of meat with a deep red hue and a generous layer of fat, promising robust flavors. I appreciated the butcher’s skill in maintaining the integrity of the brisket, making it ideal for a low and slow cooking process.

    My first venture with this brisket was a classic smoked BBQ recipe. I marinated it overnight in my secret blend of spices, then smoked it for the better part of a day. The result was a tender, juicy brisket with a heavenly smoky taste, which my family devoured enthusiastically.

    Next, I used a portion of the brisket to make a homemade corned beef. The brisket absorbed the brining solution beautifully and the corned beef was a great success, pairing well with cabbage and potatoes for a comforting and hearty meal.

    However, the reason I’m giving it a 4-star rating instead of 5 is because of the uneven fat distribution in some parts.

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