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Introducing Tenderloin Tips – tender, flavorful beef cubes cut from high-quality whole tenderloins. Ideal for soups, stews, or any dish requiring small, juicy pieces of beef, these tips enhance meals with their superb taste.

This product stands out for its quality. The beef, from Angus cattle raised on 100% pasture without antibiotics or hormones, is dry-aged for at least 14 days. This aging process ensures a deep, steakhouse flavor in every bite.

Enjoy the exceptional texture and taste of these Tenderloin Tips. Perfect for both experienced cooks and kitchen novices, these beef cubes will take your dishes to the next level with their steakhouse-quality flavor.

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Introducing Tenderloin Tips, hand-cut beef cubes from the ends of the whole tenderloin, known for their tenderness and flavor. Ideal for enhancing soups, stews, or any dish needing bite-sized beef, these tips are the premium choice.

Crafted from 100% pasture-raised Angus beef, these tenderloin tips reflect this product’s dedication to quality. Raised without antibiotics or hormones, you can enjoy each bite with confidence.

The distinctiveness of these tips lies in the dry aging process. The beef is aged whole for at least 14 days, which enriches the flavor, reminiscent of a steakhouse taste, intensifying your culinary creations.

Experience the superior tenderness and taste of these tenderloin tips, designed to impress even the most selective palates.

What’s to love about these Tenderloin Tips? They offer a premium cut’s tenderness and flavor in convenient, hand-cut cubes. Their versatility makes them indispensable for various dishes, ensuring a tender bite every time. Responsibly sourced, the beef comes from pasture-raised Angus without antibiotics or hormones. The 14-day dry aging process imparts a deep, steakhouse flavor, making these tips a standout addition to any meal.

To use these tips, incorporate them into your desired dish. The dry-aged flavor will enhance any recipe, providing a satisfying taste with the assurance of high-quality, responsibly sourced beef.

These hand-cut cubes from the whole tenderloin offer all the premium cut qualities. Add them to your recipes for a boost of rich, steakhouse flavor. The Angus beef is pasture-raised, hormone-free, and antibiotic-free, guaranteeing a top-notch culinary experience.

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    Robert Greene

    Having procured these Tenderloin Tips, I found myself pleasantly surprised by their quality and versatility. As an avid home cook, I’m always on the lookout for quality ingredients and these surely did not disappoint.

    The meat was lean, well-trimmed, and packaged with care. Upon opening, I was greeted by a fresh, clean aroma that instantly reassured me of its freshness. I marinated these tips overnight with a concoction of red wine, garlic, and rosemary, a classic combination that I find often works best with beef.

    The following day, I seared them swiftly in a hot pan, being careful not to overcook them. The result was an array of tender, juicy morsels that paired perfectly with a simple side of roasted vegetables and mashed potatoes.

    I also found these tips to be a delightful addition to my homemade stir-fry, where they absorbed the flavors of the sauce and spices marvelously. The quick, high-heat cooking method of stir-frying was a perfect match for these tender cuts, ensuring they remained succulent and flavorful.

    However, the reason for my 4-star rating instead of a full 5 is due to the slight inconsistency in the size of the tips. While most were perfectly bite-sized, a few were notably larger, requiring additional trimming.

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