Premium Turkey Burgers


Introducing this Premium Turkey Burger pack, featuring two flavorful 6 oz patties for a healthier alternative to beef. Made from top-quality turkey raised without antibiotics, you’re guaranteed a pure and satisfying meal.

At the core of these burgers is the exclusive Jaindl Grand Champion turkey breed, chosen for its superior taste and tenderness. The birds’ all-vegetable diet enhances their flavor and is free from additives or fillers.

Our family farm, established in 1934, is committed to quality and sustainable practices, ensuring ethical treatment of turkeys. These Premium Turkey Burgers are flash-frozen to lock in freshness for a convenient and tasty meal anytime.

Enjoy the exceptional taste of these burgers—a nutritious choice for your burger fix. Grill them or top them to your liking, and savor a delicious and responsible meal choice.

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Discover This Premium Turkey Burger for a tasty, guilt-free addition to your grill. Each pack includes two 6 oz burgers made with care to offer a delectable experience. This turkey burger’s standout feature is its exceptional flavor, a product of dedicated craftsmanship.

Quality and sustainability are at the core of this burger. The turkeys, raised without antibiotics, come from the respected Jaindl Grand Champion breed and are nourished on an all-vegetable diet, promising lean and savory meat. These aspects ensure a product that’s both enjoyable and ethical.

For utmost freshness, these turkey burgers are quickly frozen post-preparation, ensuring they retain their taste as if they were just made. Ideal for health-conscious individuals and grill enthusiasts alike, these burgers offer unmatched flavor and a commitment to sustainable practices. Taste the difference with each bite.

Why You’ll Love Them

Try This Premium Turkey Burger for a wholesome and tasty meal. You get two 6 oz burgers per pack, perfect for a hearty meal anytime.

The dedication to quality is apparent, with antibiotic-free turkeys from the Jaindl Grand Champion breed. This family farm tradition since 1934 signifies a legacy of excellence. The all-vegetable diet of the turkeys translates into a burger you can enjoy with a clear conscience, free from animal by-products.

Freshly frozen to lock in flavor, these burgers are convenient to prepare and versatile, whether grilled, sautéed, or baked. Juicy and delicious, they’re set to become a household favorite.

Relish the flavor of careful sourcing and preparation with each burger. Their superior taste and high-quality ingredients make them a culinary delight for those seeking healthier, sustainable options.

How To Prepare

Enjoying This Premium Turkey Burger is straightforward, with a heritage of quality from a family farm established in 1934. Each pack brings two substantial 6 oz burgers, crafted from turkeys raised on an all-vegetable diet and without antibiotics, delivering unmatched natural flavor.

For cooking, heat your grill or skillet to medium and place the burgers on. Cook for 7-8 minutes per side, or until they reach an internal temperature of 165°F. Serve these juicy burgers with your preferred toppings for a gourmet meal at home.

1 review for Premium Turkey Burgers

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    Robert Greene

    I have recently had the pleasure of incorporating the Premium Turkey Burgers into my home-cooked meals, and I must say it was quite an enjoyable experience. As an ardent home cook, I am always on the lookout for quality products that can elevate my dishes, and these turkey burgers certainly did not disappoint.

    The meat was lean yet incredibly juicy, offering a refreshing change from the traditional beef patties. I appreciated the nuanced flavor profile – milder than beef, yet robust enough to hold its own, particularly when paired with the right condiments and spices.

    I decided to grill them for a casual family dinner. They cooked evenly and retained their moisture wonderfully. Accompanied by a homemade garlic aioli, fresh lettuce, and ripe tomatoes on a toasted brioche bun, the turkey burgers were a hit! They offered a lighter, yet still satisfying, alternative to our usual barbecue fare.

    However, what stopped me from giving a perfect five-star rating was the packaging. I found the patties a little difficult to separate, possibly due to the freezing process. A minor inconvenience, but worth mentioning.

    Overall, the Premium Turkey Burgers are a delightful addition to my culinary repertoire. I look forward to exploring more ways to incorporate them into my dishes, perhaps in a hearty bolognese or a spicy chili next time.

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