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Enjoy the robust flavor of this high-quality Pork Shank, ideal for braising. This meat is sourced from 100% pasture-raised pigs, ensuring a tender and delicious result. Our Pork Shank comes from a careful blend of Berkshire, Chester White, and Duroc breeds, raised with a focus on their health and diet to provide you with premium quality meat.

This Pork Shank is antibiotic-free and hormone-free, guaranteeing natural, responsibly-sourced meat. Enhance your next meal with this flavorful Pork Shank — a memorable culinary experience.

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Experience the exceptional taste of this Pork Shank, meticulously crafted to enhance your meals. This premium cut, sourced from pigs raised on open pastures, offers a rich flavor profile without the use of antibiotics or added hormones. The Berkshire, Chester White, and Duroc breeds contribute to the unparalleled tenderness and taste of this meat.

This Pork Shank is ideal for any cooking enthusiast, transforming into a succulent dish when slow-braised. The meat’s natural juices and savory essence will infuse your kitchen with an enticing aroma, promising a mouthwatering experience with every bite.

Elevate your culinary creations with this Pork Shank, a testament to superior quality and taste. It’s perfect for a comforting family meal or an elegant dinner party, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

What’s To Love

Discover the superior flavor and tenderness of this Pork Shank, originating from pasture-raised pigs. The combination of Berkshire, Chester White, and Duroc genetics ensures a high-quality cut. Free from antibiotics and hormones, the shank offers a natural, robust taste that melts in your mouth.

Our commitment to natural farming practices guarantees a wholesome, healthy meal. Whether braised, slow-cooked, or roasted, this Pork Shank delivers a rich and satisfying flavor. Enjoy a product that reflects our dedication to quality and sustainability.

How To Use

For optimal flavor, braise the Pork Shank by first searing it until browned, then slow-cook in a flavorful liquid like broth or wine. The low and slow method keeps the shank moist and tender, absorbing the aromatic liquid. Serve the cooked shank with vegetables or gravy for an enhanced dining experience. This Pork Shank, free from antibiotics and hormones, promises a distinctive and hearty meal for any occasion.

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    Robert Greene

    As an enthusiastic home chef, I was thrilled to dive into the culinary adventure offered by the Pork Shank. Right from the start, I was impressed by the quality of the meat – it was fresh, well-packaged, and the shank was a generous size, perfect for a hearty family meal.

    I decided to go slow and steady, opting for a slow-cooked braised preparation that really allowed the rich flavors of the pork shank to shine through. I seasoned it with a blend of herbs and spices, seared it to a beautiful brown, and then let it simmer in a red wine reduction. The result? A tender, succulent meat that was simply fall-off-the-bone perfection!

    The pork shank was a delight to cook with, lending its rich flavors to the dish and creating a dining experience that was truly memorable. The only reason I am giving this product 4 stars instead of 5 is due to the amount of fat present. While I understand that the fat contributes to the flavor profile, I found it to be a bit excessive at times and had to trim it off.

    That being said, I would definitely recommend this pork shank to fellow home chefs. It offers a great foundation for a variety of dishes and is sure to impress at the dinner table. Just be prepared for a bit of extra trimming if you’re not a fan of too much fat.

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