Picanha, or Sirloin Cap, is a superior beef cut known for its tenderness and rich flavor, ideal for grilling. This Picanha stands out due to a precise dry aging process of at least 14 days, enhancing flavor and tenderness for that coveted steakhouse taste. Sourced from 100% pasture-raised cattle, this cut is both delicious and ethically raised without antibiotics or hormones.

For optimal enjoyment, roast the Picanha to your preferred doneness and serve with chimichurri sauce for added zest. Perfect for barbecues or a special meal, this Picanha ensures a memorable culinary experience.

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Discover Picanha, also known as Sirloin Cap—a prime cut for grilling. This beef is transformed when roasted, offering a burst of flavor with every tender slice. Enhance it with this chimichurri sauce for an unforgettable meal.

The secret to Picanha’s exceptional taste lies in its preparation. This beef is dry-aged for at least 14 days to concentrate its steakhouse flavor, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

This Picanha comes from cattle that are 100% pasture-raised without antibiotics or hormones, ensuring a pure and natural product.

Ideal for any barbecue or steak dinner, this Picanha promises a rich, savory experience. Order now and start your grilling journey.

What’s To Love

Picanha, or Sirloin Cap, is a standout choice for any meat enthusiast. Grilled to bring out its inherent flavors and tenderness, this beef offers a feast for the senses. Our commitment to dry-aging enhances its steakhouse taste, while providing it from pasture-raised cattle ensures both quality and ethical sourcing.

So, for your next meal, choose this Picanha, complemented by our vibrant chimichurri sauce, and delight in a superior beef experience.

How To Use

Picanha is best enjoyed grilled. To prepare, let the meat reach room temperature for even cooking. Grill over medium heat for a perfect sear, then let it rest before slicing to redistribute the juices. This process, along with its 14-day dry aging and ethical sourcing, results in a robust, steakhouse-quality flavor. Enjoy a cut that’s both delicious and responsibly raised.

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    Robert Greene

    I recently had the pleasure of cooking with Picanha, a top-tier cut of beef traditionally used in Brazilian and Portuguese cuisine. As an at-home chef, I am constantly on the lookout for high-quality ingredients to elevate my dishes and Picanha did not disappoint.

    The meat arrived fresh and well-packaged, reinforcing my confidence in the product. Upon handling, I was immediately impressed by the beautiful fat cap on the Picanha, a signature of this cut. It promised rich flavors and succulent juices, a promise it kept upon cooking.

    I decided to prepare the Picanha in the traditional Brazilian way – skewered and grilled over high heat. The result was extraordinary. The exterior developed a pleasingly crispy crust while the interior retained its juicy tenderness. The fat cap melted into the meat, enriching it with an abundance of flavor. Each bite was a harmonious blend of savory meatiness, subtle smokiness, and gentle hints of the marinade.

    What truly sets Picanha apart is its versatility. I used the leftovers in a robust beef stew the next day, and it was just as delightful. The meat remained tender and added a rich depth of flavor to the stew.

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