Perdue Whole Cornish Hen With Giblets


Introducing the Perdue Whole Cornish Hen With Giblets – a premium poultry choice designed to enhance your meals. Each Cornish hen is sourced with care, expertly prepared, and frozen to lock in freshness and flavor. The packaging ensures the hen remains juicy and tender until you’re ready to cook.

Perdue is synonymous with outstanding quality and taste. The Cornish hens are ideally sized for single servings or as a standout main dish for special events. They’re sure to satisfy even the most refined tastes, whether you’re entertaining guests or enjoying a gourmet meal at home.

This product also includes giblets, offering extra culinary options. Enrich your gravies, craft a hearty stock, or get creative with new recipes. The choice is yours!

Choose Perdue Whole Cornish Hen With Giblets for a blend of convenience, quality, and culinary flexibility. Experience the superior taste of this poultry and elevate your cooking with Perdue’s attention to detail. Enjoy top-quality poultry that will delight your taste buds.

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Introducing Perdue Whole Cornish Hen With Giblets—a premium choice for your meals. This Cornish hen comes frozen, locking in freshness for when you’re ready to cook. With both tender meat and giblets, it offers versatility in the kitchen. Perfect for special dinners or everyday enjoyment, this Cornish hen is set to enhance your dining experience.

What’s To Love

Perdue Whole Cornish Hen with Giblets offers superior quality and taste. Each hen is frozen to maintain freshness, offering a convenient solution for a standout meal. The giblets included can be used to add richness to your dishes. Whether roasted, stuffed, or grilled, this Cornish hen promises tenderness and flavor that will have you coming back for more.

How To Use

Perdue Whole Cornish Hen With Giblets is easy to prepare. Thaw overnight in the refrigerator, remove and rinse the giblets, then pat the hen dry for a crisp skin. Cook it your preferred way—roast, grill, or bake—until it reaches an internal temperature of 165°F (74°C). Its size is ideal for individual servings or as the highlight of your meal. Enjoy the unique taste and quality of these Cornish hens.

1 review for Perdue Whole Cornish Hen With Giblets

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    Robert Greene

    I recently had the pleasure of incorporating the Perdue Whole Cornish Hen with Giblets into my diverse at-home culinary adventures. As a seasoned home cook, I appreciate high-quality ingredients that inspire creativity and elevate my dishes, and this product certainly did not disappoint.

    The Cornish hen arrived in pristine condition, perfectly cleaned and ready for preparation. A standout feature was the inclusion of giblets, which added a delightful depth to my homemade gravy, enhancing the overall dining experience.

    The meat itself was tender and juicy, boasting a subtly sweet flavor that was both distinctive and satisfying. I marinated the hen overnight in a mixture of fresh herbs, garlic, and white wine, then roasted it to perfection. The result was a beautifully browned bird, with the meat remaining succulent and the skin achieving that coveted crispness.

    The size of the hen was perfect for a dinner for two, but could easily be stretched to feed more if complemented with hearty sides. I served it with a side of roasted vegetables and wild rice, which worked beautifully together.

    My only minor critique is the lack of specific cooking instructions included with the product. However, this allowed me to use my culinary instincts and experiment a bit, which is always a welcomed challenge.

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