Perdue Buffalo Glazed Chicken Strips


Introduce Perdue Buffalo Glazed Chicken Strips, the ideal solution for your hunger pangs. These chicken strips offer a savory buffalo glaze that perfectly balances tangy and spicy notes. Available in a 26-ounce resealable bag, they provide freshness and are easy to store.

Crafted from quality chicken, these strips are perfect for various occasions, whether you’re looking for a quick meal or a crowd-pleasing appetizer. They pair well with salads, wraps, and sandwiches, adding a flavorful kick to any dish.

Experience the bold taste of Perdue Buffalo Glazed Chicken Strips. Their ease of use and delicious flavor make them a must-have in your freezer. Try them today and savor the satisfying blend of spice and zest.

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Discover Perdue Buffalo Glazed Chicken Strips for a hassle-free meal with a kick. These 26-ounce resealable bags contain frozen strips ready to heat and enjoy anytime. The tender, quality chicken breast meat is coated in a spicy buffalo glaze, delivering a punch of flavor that makes these strips a crowd-pleaser.

Perdue, a respected name in poultry, ensures each strip meets high standards. Whether you’re feeding a family, entertaining, or snacking solo, these strips fit any occasion. Their resealable packaging keeps them fresh, so you always have a tasty option on hand.

Preparation is simple: bake, fry, or air-fry according to the package instructions for a crispy texture with moist, flavorful chicken. Add Perdue Buffalo Glazed Chicken Strips to your menu for an easy and exciting mealtime choice.

What’s To Love

Perdue Buffalo Glazed Chicken Strips bring excitement to your table. These frozen strips, packed in a 26-ounce resealable bag, offer convenience without sacrificing taste. Coated with a spicy buffalo glaze, they’re an easy choice for any meal or snack.

Crafted by Perdue, these chicken strips emphasize quality and flavor. Enjoy them at your next gathering, as a protein boost for lunch, or whenever hunger strikes. The strips stay fresh thanks to the resealable bag, making them a smart, flavorful choice for your freezer.

Cooking them is a breeze. Follow the package directions to achieve juicy, tender chicken with a spicy kick. They’re versatile as a main dish, salad addition, or recipe ingredient, offering endless culinary possibilities.

Experience the bold taste of Perdue Buffalo Glazed Chicken Strips and enjoy the fusion of convenience and flavor. Upgrade your frozen chicken selection with these irresistible strips, a soon-to-be household staple. Prepare for a tasty journey with every bite.

How To Use

Perdue Buffalo Glazed Chicken Strips are a convenient and tasty meal option. These frozen strips come in a 26-ounce resealable bag for freshness and easy storage.

To prepare, preheat your oven to 400°F. Arrange the strips on a baking sheet, spaced apart for even cooking. Bake for 18-20 minutes until golden and crispy.

Let the strips cool briefly after baking. The buffalo glaze offers a tangy, spicy taste that complements any dish. Incorporate them into salads, wraps, or enjoy them solo.

For best quality, consume the strips soon after cooking. Store any leftovers in the resealable bag in the freezer. With their convenience and delicious flavor, these chicken strips will be a fast favorite.

1 review for Perdue Buffalo Glazed Chicken Strips

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    Robert Greene

    I recently incorporated the Perdue Buffalo Glazed Chicken Strips into my at-home cooking routine, and I must say, it was a delightful experience. As someone who takes great pleasure in the art of cooking, I found these strips to be a convenient and tasty addition to my kitchen.

    Firstly, the quality of the chicken is what you’d expect from a brand like Perdue – top-notch. The strips are tender, succulent, and cooked to perfection. The buffalo glaze, however, is the real game-changer. It provides a tantalizing kick of flavor that is both spicy and tangy, just the right blend to get your taste buds dancing.

    I have used these strips in various ways. They are perfect for a quick chicken wrap for lunch, saving me time without compromising on taste. For dinner, I tossed them into a fresh garden salad, adding not just protein but also a burst of flavor. They were equally impressive when served with a side of blue cheese dip during a weekend family game night.

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