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Discover Pasture Raised Whole Chickens from Pasturebird Farm and Marksbury Farms. These birds weigh between 3 to 4 lbs and are cryo-vacuum sealed for optimal freshness, preserving their quality for up to one year when frozen. Raised year-round on open pastures, they naturally forage for grasses, bugs, seeds, and worms, enhanced by a diet of locally milled conventional grain feed.

Daily pasture rotation ensures the chickens live a healthy life without the use of vaccines, antibiotics, or drugs. This dedication to natural and ethical practices delivers premium, tasty chickens. For excellent savings, choose the Mega Value Pack offering over 40 pounds for $399, shipping included. Taste the difference with Pasture Raised Whole Chickens—proof of superior ethical and natural farming methods.

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Introducing this Pasture Raised Whole Chicken, perfect for natural food lovers. Each chicken, weighing 3 to 4 pounds, is cryo-vacuum sealed for freshness and can last up to a year in your freezer. These chickens come from Pasturebird and Marksbury Farms, known for their excellent rearing conditions.

These chickens are free to roam lush pastures all year, feasting on a natural diet that enhances their flavor and texture. They also receive a conventional grain feed to ensure a balanced diet. Our chickens are rotated daily to fresh pastures, promoting their health and the quality of the meat. They are never given vaccines, antibiotics, or drugs, ensuring a pure and natural product.

For those who love a good deal, consider the Mega Value Pack, offering over 40 pounds of chicken for $399 with free shipping. This is a great way to stock up on high-quality, pasture-raised chicken.

Discover the superior taste of this Pasture Raised Whole Chicken, a testament to our commitment to quality, sustainability, and ethical farming.

What’s To Love

This Pasture Raised Whole Chicken, each around 3 to 4 lbs, is cryo-vacuum sealed for year-long freshness. Sourced from Pasturebird and Marksbury Farms, the chickens enjoy a full life outdoors, grazing on a natural diet augmented by conventional grain feed. They benefit from daily pasture rotation and have never been exposed to vaccines, antibiotics, or drugs. For those seeking more, the Mega Value Pack offers over 40 pounds at just $399 with free shipping.

How To Use

These Pasture Raised Whole Chickens are ideal for health-conscious diners. Cryo-vacuum sealed for extended freshness, they can be stored frozen for up to a year. Raised outdoors by Pasturebird and Marksbury Farms, the chickens are nourished on a varied diet and moved daily to fresh pastures, resulting in nutritious, flavorful meat. This natural approach, free from any medical interventions, ensures a wholesome product. For those who prefer buying in bulk, the Mega Value Pack provides over 40 pounds of chicken for an economical $399, shipping included.

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    Robert Greene

    I have recently had the pleasure of preparing and enjoying the Pasture Raised Whole Chicken, and I must say, it is indeed a wonderful addition to my home-cooked meals. The quality of the chicken is immediately noticeable upon unboxing, reflecting the care and natural upbringing these birds receive.

    The texture of the chicken is firm and rich, a clear testament to the bird’s healthy diet and active lifestyle. It’s a refreshing departure from the sometimes rubbery texture of factory-farmed poultry, offering a meat that is simultaneously tender and robust.

    In terms of flavor, it is simply unparalleled. The chicken has a deep, succulent taste, not overly gamey as one might fear with some pasture-raised options. It’s a taste that can only come from a chicken that has been allowed to roam freely and eat naturally, resulting in a flavor profile that’s full and complex.

    I used this chicken in a traditional roast recipe, allowing the natural flavors to shine through. The end result was a beautifully browned and juicy chicken, with just the right balance of fat and lean meat. The drippings alone made a gravy that was absolutely divine, and the leftovers made for a superb chicken salad the next day.

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