Pasture Raised Chicken Drumstick


Introducing Pasturebird Farm’s Pasture Raised Chicken Drumsticks. Each drumstick weighs between 1lb and 2lb, ideal for various dishes.

These drumsticks are distinct because of the chicken’s upbringing. They roam freely outdoors year-round, foraging for a diet rich in grasses, bugs, seeds, and worms.

Pasturebird Farm commits to sustainable farming and chicken welfare, supplementing their diet with locally milled grain feed. Our chickens have never received vaccines, antibiotics, or drugs since the farm began over six years ago.

These drumsticks offer superior flavor and tenderness, reflecting our dedication to quality and ethical practices. Perfect for grilling, baking, or braising, they promise a satisfying and responsible meal. Experience the unparalleled taste of pasture-raised chicken with these drumsticks.

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Discover these Pasture Raised Chicken Drumsticks from Pasturebird Farm. Drumsticks come in 1-2 lb packs for a satisfying meal. Raised with continuous outdoor access, these chickens forage a natural diet, resulting in meat with a distinct, full-bodied flavor.

Complemented by a locally milled grain feed, the chickens get balanced nutrition while living a pasture-raised life. Daily pasture rotation promotes a diverse diet and environmental health. No vaccines, antibiotics, or drugs have been used in over 6 years, ensuring clean and natural meat.

These chicken drumsticks, versatile for grilling, baking, or stewing, offer a farm-to-table experience with exceptional taste and quality. By choosing these drumsticks, you support humane, sustainable farming practices that benefit both you and the planet.

Why You’ll Love These

Pasture Raised Chicken Drumsticks from Pasturebird Farm guarantee a fulfilling meal with each 1-2 lb pack. These free-range chickens enjoy a diverse, natural diet, enhancing the meat’s flavor. They’re raised on fresh pastures daily and are never given drugs, making for healthier meat and a happier environment.

Usage Tips

These drumsticks from Pasturebird Farm are not only delicious but also come from a sustainable and ethical source. The chickens’ free-range lifestyle and varied diet contribute to the superior taste and quality of the meat. Free from additives for over 6 years, these drumsticks provide a natural and guilt-free option for any cooking method. Enjoy the rich flavors, knowing you’re supporting sustainable farming.

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    Robert Greene

    I recently incorporated the Pasture Raised Chicken Drumsticks into my home cooking repertoire and overall, I was content with my purchase. As an avid home chef, I always strive to use high-quality, nutritious ingredients and these drumsticks certainly fit that bill.

    Right out of the packaging, I could appreciate the pleasant difference in these drumsticks. They were plump, firm to the touch, and had a natural color, indicating their superior quality. I could really tell that these chickens were raised in a stress-free environment, allowed to roam freely, which I believe significantly contributed to the quality of the meat.

    In terms of cooking, these drumsticks were truly a delight to work with. I prepared them in my trusted slow cooker with some herbs and spices, and they turned out beautifully tender and succulent. The meat was lean yet juicy, with a distinct flavor profile that is often missing in conventionally raised poultry. The taste was clean and robust, enhancing the overall flavor of my dishes without overpowering them.

    However, it’s worth mentioning that these drumsticks needed a bit longer to cook than their non-pasture raised counterparts. This is likely due to the fact that these chickens get more exercise, leading to firmer meat. So, for those accustomed to quicker cooking times, this might require a slight adjustment.

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