Pasture Raised Chicken Breast


Introducing this Pasture Raised Chicken Breast, ideal for a satisfying and healthy meal. Each breast weighs between 10 and 23 ounces, offering a substantial serving.

Pasturebird Farm raises chickens with respect for their natural behaviors, ensuring they thrive outdoors with room to forage. This diet contributes to the meat’s rich and tender quality.

We prioritize transparency and assure you that these chickens grow without vaccines, antibiotics, or drugs. Committed to sustainability since our farm started over 6 years ago, we move the birds daily to fresh pastures for optimal living conditions.

Selecting this chicken breast supports ethical animal treatment and eco-friendly farming. Savor the superior flavor of pasture-raised chicken and notice the difference in your dishes.

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Introducing Pasture Raised Chicken Breast from Pasturebird Farm, ideal for those who prioritize health and sustainability. These chicken breasts weigh between 10 oz to 23 oz, perfect for a variety of dishes.

Raised on pasture, the chickens roam freely, foraging on grasses, bugs, seeds, and worms, which enriches the flavor and nutrients of their meat. They’re supplemented with a locally milled grain feed to support their health and meat quality. We uphold rigorous standards, avoiding vaccines, antibiotics, and drugs in our rearing process.

Our sustainable approach involves daily pasture rotations, benefiting both animal welfare and land regeneration.

Discover how Pasture Raised Chicken Breast reflects ethical farming, benefiting your health and the planet.

What’s To Love

Pasturebird Farm’s Pasture Raised Chicken Breast comes from chickens with a natural, free-range existence. They forage diverse diets on fresh pastures daily, producing flavorful and nutrient-rich meat. The environmental benefits include land regeneration and minimized overgrazing.

Our chickens have never received vaccines, antibiotics, or drugs, ensuring a pure product. Enjoy peace of mind with chicken that tastes great and is responsibly farmed.

How To Use

Cooking with Pasture Raised Chicken Breast is easy. Rinse, pat dry, season to taste, and cook by grilling, baking, frying, or roasting to an internal temperature of 165°F. Its natural flavors complement salads, stir-fries, and pasta, or serve as a main course. This meat’s taste is a testament to the chickens’ diet and our drug-free approach, promoting sustainable agriculture with every meal.

1 review for Pasture Raised Chicken Breast

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    Robert Greene

    As an at-home chef, I’m always on the lookout for high-quality ingredients, and the Pasture Raised Chicken Breast caught my attention. The quality of the meat stands out – it’s tender, juicy, and has a remarkable depth of flavor that you don’t usually find in traditional store-bought chicken.

    The first dish I prepared using this product was a simple grilled chicken breast. I wanted to test the product’s flavor without overwhelming it with seasonings. I was not disappointed; the chicken was succulent and had a naturally rich taste that was enhanced by just a sprinkle of salt and pepper.

    The next time, I used it in a chicken pot pie. The meat remained tender even after baking, and it absorbed the flavors of the gravy and vegetables beautifully. My family noticed the difference and appreciated the upgrade in taste and texture.

    However, the reason why I gave it a four-star rating instead of five is the price. While I understand that higher quality often means a higher price, it may not be affordable for all households, especially if chicken is a staple in their diet. I also believe that the packaging could be a bit more environmentally friendly.

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