NY Strip Steak


Introducing the NY Strip Steak, a hand-cut marvel that combines the tenderness of Filet Mignon with the rich marbling of Ribeye. Experience its bold flavor and unparalleled tenderness.

This steak stands out due to its careful dry aging process. The beef is aged for at least 14 days, enhancing its flavor and tenderness to mirror that of a high-end steakhouse.

This steak comes from 100% pasture-raised beef. With a commitment to sustainable and ethical practices, the cattle enjoy open pastures, resulting in beef that’s free from antibiotics and added hormones, delivering pure flavor.

Enjoy a superior dining experience with this NY Strip Steak, a testament to premium quality and refined taste.

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Discover the NY Strip Steak, an exceptional cut that elevates your steak experience. This hand-cut, dry-aged steak offers a perfect blend of the tenderness found in Filet Mignon and the flavor-rich marbling of Ribeye, ensuring a flavor-packed and satisfying meal.

The steak’s superior taste results from a dedicated dry-aging process of at least 14 days, amplifying its steakhouse-quality flavor and tenderness. This cut not only delivers on taste but also comes from 100% pasture-raised cattle without antibiotics or hormones, reflecting a commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.

Experience the NY Strip Steak’s unmatched tenderness, marbling, and rich flavor. This steak is an ideal choice for anyone seeking the pinnacle of steak quality.

What’s To Love

Experience the NY Strip Steak, where expert dry-aging meets hand-cut precision. Enjoy the succulent texture and deep flavor that make this steak a standout. Each steak is dry-aged for a minimum of 14 days to enhance its flavor and tenderness, offering a memorable eating experience.

This steak comes from pasture-raised cattle, guaranteeing a responsible and ethical choice without compromising on quality. Delight in the NY Strip Steak’s perfect balance of tenderness and marbling for a superior meal.

How To Use

To fully enjoy the NY Strip Steak, bring it to room temperature before cooking. Season as desired and cook on medium heat, aiming for a medium-rare finish with about 4-5 minutes per side. Allow the steak to rest before serving to ensure a juicy, flavorful experience. Pair with your favorite sides and a glass of red wine for a complete, steakhouse-like meal. With every bite, indulge in the clean, robust taste of this responsibly raised steak.

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    Robert Greene

    I recently had the pleasure of preparing and enjoying the NY Strip Steak, and it was undoubtedly an exceptional culinary experience. As an avid home cook, I appreciated the high-quality cut of the steak, with its excellent marbling and freshness that set the stage for a delightful dinner.

    Upon arrival, the steak was securely packaged and chilled, preserving its freshness and quality. I was particularly impressed with the perfect balance of lean meat and marbling, which promised a tender and flavorful result.

    I chose to prepare the steak using my trusted cast-iron skillet to ensure that beautiful crust and juicy interior that steak enthusiasts crave. The steak seared brilliantly, developing a rich, golden-brown crust that was a feast for the eyes as much as it was for the palate.

    The flavor was remarkable, a testament to the superior quality of the meat. The NY strip steak was succulent and full of beefy flavor, heightened by the simple seasonings of salt, pepper, and a touch of garlic. The marbling rendered down during cooking, contributing to the steak’s juiciness and robust flavor.

    Pairing the steak with a lightly dressed fresh salad and a glass of full-bodied red wine rounded out the meal wonderfully, offering a balanced contrast to the indulgent steak.

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