Niman Ranch Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper Loin Chop


Introducing the Niman Ranch Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper Loin Chop – a tasty and satisfying choice to enhance your meals. Made by Niman Ranch, this high-quality pork chop is seasoned with sea salt and cracked black pepper for a simple yet delicious flavor. It’s sure to keep you coming back for more.

Each loin chop is vacuum sealed for optimal freshness and taste, preserving the meat’s natural juices and tenderness. It arrives frozen for convenient storage and longevity, ensuring you have an excellent meal option available at any time.

Preparing this loin chop is easy. Thaw it in the fridge, season if desired, and cook as you like – grill, sear, or bake. Its rich taste and tender texture complement a variety of sides and sauces, suitable for both everyday dinners and special occasions.

Enjoy the savory mix of sea salt and cracked black pepper in the Niman Ranch Loin Chop. This premium product offers a harmonious blend of flavor and quality, elevating your cooking with Niman Ranch’s signature excellence. Order yours today for a straightforward, delicious dining experience.

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Discover the Niman Ranch Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper Loin Chop, a flavorful choice for meat enthusiasts. This top-quality chop delivers a satisfying taste with every bite, thanks to its expert seasoning that brings out the meat’s natural flavors. It’s a tender and juicy cut, certain to please any palate.

Sourced from the esteemed Niman Ranch and seasoned with sea salt and cracked black pepper, this loin chop comes conveniently vacuum-sealed and frozen to maintain freshness. Store it in your freezer until you’re ready to enjoy.

Ideal for any occasion, from a fancy dinner to a personal treat, this loin chop embodies superior quality and delicious taste. Experience the distinctive flavors and tenderness that Niman Ranch is known for with this loin chop.


The Niman Ranch Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper Loin Chop stands out for its rich taste and high-quality seasoning. Each chop is a testament to Niman Ranch’s dedication to sustainable and ethical meat production. The easy-to-store, vacuum-sealed packaging ensures the chop remains fresh until you’re ready to cook it.

Preparing the loin chop is simple. Thaw it, season as desired, and cook by grilling, pan-searing, or baking. Thanks to the marbling, it remains moist and succulent, with a seasoned crust adding both texture and flavor. A must-try for any meat lover.

Usage Instructions

This Niman Ranch Loin Chop is simple to prepare. Store it frozen, and when you’re ready, thaw in the fridge overnight. Before cooking, pat dry for a better sear. Heat your cooking surface, season the chop if you like, and cook to an internal temperature of 145°F (63°C) for best results. Let it rest before serving to ensure it’s moist and full of flavor. This chop is perfect for enhancing any meal.

1 review for Niman Ranch Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper Loin Chop

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    Robert Greene

    I recently had the pleasure of preparing a meal featuring Niman Ranch’s Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper Loin Chop, and I must say, it was an experience that left a sophisticated impression on my palate.

    The loin chop arrived in a well-packaged, chilled condition which spoke volumes about the care Niman Ranch takes to ensure their products reach the customer in optimal condition. The quality of the meat was immediately apparent – lean yet marbled enough to promise a tender and juicy outcome.

    The seasoning was indeed the highlight. The blend of sea salt and cracked black pepper was not only appropriate but also perfectly balanced. The pepper was robust without being overpowering, and the sea salt brought out the natural flavors of the pork. It was a testament to Niman Ranch’s expertise in pre-seasoning their meats.

    I chose to pan-sear the loin chop, in order to maintain the integrity of the flavors. The end result was a beautifully caramelized exterior, while the interior was succulent and infused with the simple, yet pronounced flavors of the sea salt and cracked black pepper. It paired wonderfully with a side of garlic mashed potatoes and some roasted vegetables.

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