Niman Ranch 80/20 Ground Beef


Niman Ranch 80/20 Ground Beef offers a balanced 80/20 lean-to-fat ratio for juicy, flavorful burgers and meat dishes. This ground beef is sourced from sustainably farmed livestock raised humanely without antibiotics or hormones, ensuring high-quality meat. It arrives vacuum-sealed and frozen, preserving its freshness and taste. The packaging enables easy storage and use whenever needed, perfect for any meal occasion. With this ground beef, expect a commitment to quality and flavor in every dish.

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Introducing Niman Ranch 80/20 Ground Beef, the ideal choice for burger enthusiasts. Sourced from a network of independent family farmers, this beef is sustainable from farm to table. It features an 80% lean to 20% fat ratio, providing a juicy and tender experience.

Each portion is vacuum sealed and frozen to ensure freshness and quality. Perfect for grilling or indoor cooking, this ground beef forms the base of a delicious meal.

Niman Ranch prides itself on humane and sustainable farming, offering you ground beef that’s both tasty and ethically produced. You’re supporting responsible farming with every purchase.

Fire up the grill or stove – Niman Ranch 80/20 Ground Beef promises a satisfying burger experience.

What to Love

Indulge in Niman Ranch 80/20 Ground Beef for a premium burger experience. With a blend of 80% lean meat and 20% fat, these patties are juicy and rich in flavor. Suitable for various cooking methods, the burgers are vacuum sealed and frozen, locking in freshness.

Niman Ranch’s ground beef is notable for its quality and sustainable, humane farming practices. The beef is raised without antibiotics or hormones and comes from cattle that graze on open pastures. Enjoy a superior burger that’s ethically sourced.

Elevate your burger experience with Niman Ranch 80/20 Ground Beef, whether it’s for a BBQ, family event, or a solo treat.

How to Use

Niman Ranch 80/20 Ground Beef arrives frozen and vacuum sealed. Thaw it in your fridge overnight or quickly in the microwave. Shape into patties or use in recipes, and cook to an internal temperature of at least 160°F (71°C). For best results, season as desired and flip only once during cooking.

Choose Niman Ranch 80/20 Ground Beef for a top-quality, flavorful addition to any meal.

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    Robert Greene

    I’ve been cooking at home for quite some time now, always seeking out ingredients that can add a touch of gourmet to my homemade meals. The Niman Ranch 80/20 Ground Beef is one such ingredient that has significantly elevated my culinary endeavors.

    To start with, the quality of this ground beef is truly top-notch. I appreciate Niman Ranch’s commitment to raising their livestock humanely and without antibiotics or hormones, which is a big plus for me. The fact that the cattle are grass-fed really comes through in the taste – it’s rich, full-bodied, and noticeably different from other ground beef I’ve used in the past.

    The 80/20 ratio of lean meat to fat is perfect for most of my recipes. It provides just enough fat to keep the beef moist and flavorful without making it overly greasy. I’ve used it in a range of dishes, from hearty lasagnas to classic burgers, and even in my homemade meatballs. Each time, the beef has cooked up beautifully, remaining tender and juicy.

    The packaging is also worth mentioning. The vacuum-sealed packaging ensures the beef stays fresh, and I appreciate the clear labeling with all the necessary information about the product.

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