Loose Italian Sausage


Experience the true flavor of Italian Sausage, made from 100% pasture-raised pork for a full-bodied taste. This sausage is seasoned with oregano, basil, salt, sugar, fennel seed, coriander, paprika, and black pepper, creating a rich and savory profile that enhances any dish. Free from artificial additives and fillers, these flavors stand out in their natural simplicity.

This Italian Sausage is not only flavorful but also responsibly sourced. The pork is antibiotic and hormone-free, ensuring a pure and healthy meat option. Ideal for pasta, soups, or pizza, this sausage adds an unmistakable Italian touch to your cooking.

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Introducing this Loose Italian Sausage, a 100% pasture-raised pork blend seasoned with traditional Italian herbs and spices. We select top-quality pork raised without antibiotics or hormones.

This sausage is seasoned with oregano, basil, salt, sugar, fennel seed, coriander, paprika, and black pepper, ensuring a rich flavor without any artificial additives or fillers. Enjoy the savory taste of Italy in your favorite dishes, from pasta and pizza to grilled sausages for a simple meal.

Discover the genuine flavor of Italy with this Loose Italian Sausage. Its superior quality and tasty ingredients will enhance your dishes. Taste the essence of Italian cuisine in every bite.

What’s To Love

Savor the delicious Loose Italian Sausage, made with the highest quality, ethically sourced, pasture-raised pork. Our sausage features a blend of aromatic herbs and spices for an authentic Italian flavor, with no artificial additives or fillers. Enjoy responsibly sourced meat that’s rich in flavor and perfect for various dishes.

How To Use

Use this Loose Italian Sausage to add Italian flavor to any meal. Its unique seasoning mix is ideal for pasta sauces, stuffed peppers, or pizza toppings. For cooking, brown the sausage in a skillet or grill until thoroughly cooked. This sausage offers a flavorful and wholesome addition to your culinary repertoire.

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    Robert Greene

    As a home-based culinary enthusiast, I believe in the power of quality ingredients to transform an ordinary dish into something extraordinary. The Loose Italian Sausage I recently purchased is a prime example of this.

    The sausage arrived in a well-sealed package, ensuring freshness and flavor preservation, which is often a concern when purchasing such items online. The first thing I noticed was the robust aroma, which hinted at a unique blend of spices that tantalized the senses even before the cooking process began.

    I appreciated the versatility of this product. I utilized this Loose Italian Sausage in several of my home-cooked dishes, ranging from spaghetti aglio e olio, where it added a savory depth, to my Sunday special Italian sausage lasagna, where the sausage’s richness beautifully complemented the tangy tomato sauce and creamy cheese. The sausage also worked wonderfully for a quick sausage and peppers sauté, providing a hearty and satisfying meal with minimal prep time.

    The flavor profile of this sausage was impressive. It had a delectable balance of meaty taste, fennel notes, and a kick of spice that was neither too overpowering nor too subtle. The sausage cooked evenly and retained its juiciness, adding a delightful texture to my meals.

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