Heritage Pork Osso Buco


Experience the robust taste of Heritage Pork Osso Buco. This pack contains 2 to 3 pounds of our cross-cut shanks, expertly prepared to showcase the natural flavors of top-quality pork. Sourced with care for its exceptional quality, this Osso Buco epitomizes our commitment to providing the best cuts of meat.

Ideal for slow cooking, these pork shanks feature rich marbling and a subtle flavor, making them perfect for a comforting stew or any dish benefiting from a slow simmer. The shanks lend a remarkable depth of flavor to your recipes. Cook and enjoy this premium cut, and take your home cuisine to new heights.

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Introducing this Heritage Pork Osso Buco, a culinary treat! Each cut, at 2 to 3 pounds, ensures a hearty serving. Selected from premium heritage pork, these cross-cut shanks are known for their tenderness and rich flavor.

Experience the simplicity of cooking this dish. Follow the provided instructions for a dish that will impress any food lover. Braise or slow-cook to bring out its full flavor, transforming any meal into a standout experience.

Enjoy the authentic taste of tradition with this Heritage Pork Osso Buco. Enhance your home dining with this extraordinary dish. Order now for an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

What’s To Love

Discover this Heritage Pork Osso Buco, a showcase of heritage pork richness. Each 2 to 3-pound piece is perfect for those seeking a substantial and flavorful meal. The marrow-rich cross-cut shanks offer a tender and succulent dish, ideal for slow cooking.

Preparing this Osso Buco is straightforward. Sear then braise the shanks until tender. The result is a hearty, satisfying dish with tender, flavorful meat.

Ideal for both experienced and novice cooks, this Heritage Pork Osso Buco is an excellent choice for a standout meal. Its rich taste and texture will delight your palate. Order today to enjoy the best of heritage pork.

How To Use

This Heritage Pork Osso Buco is a flavorful choice for a special dining experience. With 2 to 3-pound packages of cross-cut shanks, it’s suited for slow-cooked dishes. Slow cooking enhances the meat’s succulence and flavor, perfect for those who relish the taste of heritage pork.

To use, season the shanks, sear, then slow cook with your choice of vegetables until fork-tender. Patience is key—slow cooking unlocks the tenderness and flavor that make this product exceptional. Make this dish your next culinary adventure.

1 review for Heritage Pork Osso Buco

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    Robert Greene

    As an at-home chef with a keen appreciation for high-quality ingredients, I was thoroughly impressed with the Heritage Pork Osso Buco. It was delivered in perfect condition, carefully packaged to maintain its freshness and quality. The pork cuts were substantial, beautifully marbled and possessed a fantastic aroma that speaks volumes about its quality.

    Cooking the Heritage Pork Osso Buco was an absolute joy. The meat was tender and flavorful, requiring minimal seasoning to bring out its natural flavors. I decided to slow-cook the Osso Buco in a traditional white wine and vegetable broth. The result was a succulent, melt-in-your-mouth texture that was a hit with my family.

    What I appreciated the most was the depth and richness the pork added to the overall dish. The marrow in the bones, a treasured component in any Osso Buco, provided a delightful and complex flavor profile that elevated my cooking to the next level.

    I also commend the company’s commitment to using heritage breeds and sustainable farming practices. This ethical approach resonates with me as a conscious consumer, and it’s clear that this dedication truly translates into the taste and quality of the product.

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