Heritage Pork Hocks (Cured)


Introduce this Heritage Pork Hock (Cured) to your kitchen for a true taste of German cuisine. This package features 1 to 2 pounds of fully cooked, cured knuckle marrow bones, ready to eat.

These pork hocks, known as Schweinshaxe in Germany, offer a satisfying mix of meat and bone for a rich, meaty experience.

This product is carefully prepared to ensure premium quality and taste, with a traditional curing process that enhances flavor and extends shelf life.

Ideal for authentic German dishes, hearty meals, or adding richness to soups and stews, this Heritage Pork Hock (Cured) is a versatile addition to any meal. Enjoy the deep flavors and tender texture of this exceptional pork hock.

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Introducing this line of Heritage Pork Hocks (Cured), each piece ranging from 1 to 2 pounds. These pork hocks, also known as Schweinshaxe, are cured and fully cooked for your convenience. They offer a robust flavor with a balance of tender meat and marrow that’s sure to satisfy pork lovers.

This product comes from top-quality knuckle marrow bones and is expertly prepared to deliver a rich taste. Its traditional curing includes nitrates and sugar, enhancing the flavor and extending shelf life.

Enjoy these pork hocks in various dishes – as a main course, in soups and stews for depth, or to create savory sandwiches and salads. Experience the authentic taste and premium quality that make these hocks a standout addition to any meal.

What’s To Love

Discover our Heritage Pork Hocks, ideal for both meat enthusiasts and fans of German flavors. Each cured and fully cooked hock weighs between 1 and 2 pounds, packed with succulent meat and marrow. These hocks are incredibly versatile, whether you’re aiming to craft traditional dishes or add a rich twist to your creations.

Made with the finest pork and utmost care, our hocks contain nitrates and sugar for flavor enhancement and longevity. Ready to eat from the package, they can also be incorporated into your culinary favorites for an unforgettable taste.

How To Use

This pack of Heritage Pork Hocks, cured and ready-to-eat, adds a delightful touch to any kitchen. Use these hocks straight from the pack or warm them in the oven to bring out their full flavor. Ideal for soups, stews, braises, or as a standalone dish, they offer versatility and depth to your cooking.

1 review for Heritage Pork Hocks (Cured)

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    Robert Greene

    Upon receiving my package of Heritage Pork Hocks (Cured), I immediately noticed the excellent packaging and freshness of the product. The hocks were beautifully cured, with a rich, smoky aroma teasing my senses and promising a gourmet experience.

    As an at-home chef who takes great pleasure in exploring diverse culinary landscapes, I found this product to be an exceptional inclusion in my kitchen. I’ve used it in a myriad of dishes, each time discovering a new dimension of flavor that it brings to the table.

    The first dish I prepared was a traditional German Eisbein, where the hocks were slow-cooked until the meat was fall-off-the-bone tender. The curing process of the hocks had imparted an outstanding depth of flavor to the broth, which was a delightful surprise.

    Next, I experimented with a Southern-style dish, braised pork hocks with collard greens. The cured hocks lent an exquisite smoky flavor to the greens, creating a comfort food experience that was both nostalgic and delectable.

    However, it was in the preparation of a Chinese-style red-braised pork hock where the product truly shone. The cured hocks’ robust flavor profile beautifully balanced the spices and aromatic soy-based sauce, resulting in a dish that was a true feast for the senses.

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