Heritage Pork Feet


Introducing this Heritage Pork Feet, a practical and tasty option for your cooking needs. This package includes 2 to 3 pounds of high-quality pork feet, chosen for superior taste.

These pork feet are perfect for enriching stocks or gravies with their richness and gelatinous texture. They’re also great as a main dish, offering a robust flavor that will satisfy your palate.

Cook these pork feet to your liking—simmer with herbs, spices, and vegetables for a flavorful broth, or pair with filling sides for a hearty meal. They’re also suitable for braising or roasting to enhance their natural taste and achieve a caramelized finish.

Ideal for chefs and food enthusiasts alike, this Heritage Pork Feet will enhance your dishes with its quality and taste. Discover the potential of these pork feet in your kitchen for a truly flavorful experience.

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Introducing Heritage Pork Feet, a perfect ingredient for enhancing your dishes. This package contains 2 to 3 pounds of pork feet, ideal for stocks, gravies, or as a main dish. Rich in flavor and tender, these pork feet add complexity to your recipes, from soups and stews to braised meals.

Cook these pork feet slowly with herbs, spices, and vegetables to release collagen, which enriches your dishes with a smooth texture and savory umami flavor. Beyond traditional uses, explore various recipes where pork feet are the highlight, adding richness and flair to your cooking.

Embrace the taste and versatility of Heritage Pork Feet in your kitchen and impress with their depth and quality.

What’s to Love

Heritage Pork Feet are a flavorful, versatile ingredient for your kitchen. Weighing 2 to 3 pounds, they’re perfect for enriching stocks and gravies or as a standalone dish. Their collagen-rich tissues infuse your meals with unmatched flavor and a tender, gelatinous texture. Sourced from premium heritage pigs, these pork feet will take your cooking to the next level. Discover the possibilities and make them a staple in your culinary adventures.

How to Use

Heritage Pork Feet, each 2 to 3 pounds, are historically favored for stocks and gravies but also excel as a main dish. To prepare, wash them thoroughly, then simmer slowly with aromatic vegetables for hours until tender. Alternatively, braise them by searing in oil, then roasting with broth, wine, and herbs until succulent. These pork feet will surely enhance your meals with unique flavor and texture. Experiment with various preparations to fully utilize their potential.

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    Robert Greene

    I recently had the unique opportunity to cook with Heritage Pork Feet and I must say, it was quite an enlightening culinary experience. As an at-home chef who relishes the opportunity to experiment with diverse food products, I was intrigued by this traditional and somewhat underrated ingredient.

    The quality of the pork feet was exceptional. Each piece was well-packaged, clean, and had a fresh smell that reassured me of its quality. The feet were meaty, complete with the right balance of bone, skin, and fat, which are all essential factors in delivering the kind of rich, hearty flavor I was aiming for.

    Cooking with the Heritage Pork Feet was an adventure in itself. I used them to prepare a traditional Asian-style pig trotter vinegar stew, a dish known for its rich and complex flavors. The feet simmered to a perfect tenderness in the slow cooker, and the collagen released during the cooking process added a wonderful, silky texture to the stew.

    However, I am giving it four stars instead of five for two main reasons. First, it would have been helpful if the product included some suggestions for preparation and cooking, as pork feet are not a common ingredient in many households. Second, there were a few pieces that had a bit more fat than I would have preferred.

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