Heritage Pork Bacon (Fresh)


Introducing Heritage Pork Bacon (Fresh), each pack weighing around 1.0 lb. This uncured, non-smoked bacon offers a pure, additive-free flavor – a DIY Bacon crafted from premium heritage pork. It delivers a taste that will keep you coming back for more.

Enjoy the simplicity and deliciousness of this bacon. It’s perfect for a satisfying breakfast with eggs, as a flavorful addition to your burgers, or as a crispy salad topping. For a gourmet twist, wrap it around meatloaf or steak for a luxurious touch.

For those who prefer cured bacon, check out the Heritage Pork Bacon (Cured). This fresh option is a top pick for anyone who values authentic bacon taste, made with dedication and skill.

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Introducing Heritage Pork Bacon (Fresh), the ideal choice for bacon lovers who appreciate traditional flavor. This 1.0 lb package of uncured, non-smoked side bacon is free from additives, offering a genuine heritage pork experience.

Enjoy the rich taste of this bacon with any meal. Pair it with eggs for a satisfying breakfast, add it to your burger for a flavor boost, or use it as a crunchy salad topping. For a gourmet touch, wrap it around meatloaf or steak for an enhanced dinner experience.

Explore Heritage Pork Bacon (Cured) for a different flavor, but for an authentic, unprocessed bacon, choose Heritage Pork Bacon (Fresh).

What’s To Love

Experience the rich, additive-free flavor of Heritage Pork Bacon (Fresh). This uncured, non-smoked bacon is known for its pure, unprocessed quality. Each slice delivers a robust taste that’s versatile for any dish—perfect with breakfast eggs, as a burger or salad topping, or wrapped around your favorite meat. Try the cured version for a classic bacon taste, or stick with this fresh option for a straightforward, premium flavor.

How To Use

Heritage Pork Bacon (Fresh) is a savory addition to any meal. Each 1.0 lb package is ready for you to cook and enjoy in various ways. Enhance your breakfast, burgers, salads, or entrees with its rich flavor. For a cured taste, check out our Heritage Pork Bacon (Cured). Whether you’re a bacon connoisseur or just looking to upgrade your meals, this fresh bacon is a must-try.

1 review for Heritage Pork Bacon (Fresh)

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    Robert Greene

    As an avid home chef, I am always on the lookout for fresh, high-quality ingredients to elevate my dishes. The Heritage Pork Bacon I recently purchased did not disappoint.

    Upon receiving the product, the first thing I noticed was the careful packaging, ensuring the bacon arrived fresh and in excellent condition. The slabs of bacon were thick, with a beautiful marbling that was indicative of its quality and promised a delicious balance of meat and fat.

    I used the bacon in a variety of dishes, from breakfast to dinner, and it performed exceptionally in each one. I started my culinary adventure with the classic bacon and eggs for breakfast. The bacon cooked beautifully, offering a delightful crunch with a bold, smoky flavor that paired perfectly with the creamy eggs.

    I also used it to wrap around chicken for a dinner entrée, which lent its rich flavor to the chicken, making it a savory treat. The bacon’s versatility shone through when I added it to a fresh summer salad, where its smoky character added a surprising depth to the light dish that was very well received.

    While the Heritage Pork Bacon was indeed a joy to cook with, I did find it to be a bit on the saltier side. Although this is not necessarily a drawback, as it can be balanced out with other ingredients, it is something to keep in mind while seasoning your dishes.

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