Heritage Pork Bacon (Cured)


Introducing this 1.0 lb pack of Heritage Pork Bacon, cured for rich and savory flavor. Crafted from premium heritage pork, it delivers a robust taste that enhances any meal, from breakfast to dinner. Ideal for a traditional bacon and eggs breakfast, a juicy burger, a unique salad topping, or an extra savory touch to meatloaf or steak.

This bacon is carefully cured to preserve its savory taste and alluring aroma, and contains sugar for a subtle sweetness. For a sugar-free alternative, consider our uncured bacon option.

Experience the quality with each slice of this heritage pork bacon, known for its crispy texture and smoky flavor. It’s a premium addition to any dish, promising an exceptional culinary experience.

Versatile and delicious, this cured bacon is a must-try for any dish. Also, explore our fresh bacon variant to further enhance your meals with our distinguished bacon offerings. Enjoy the essence of tradition and quality in every bite.

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Introducing this premium Heritage Pork Bacon, cured and weighing approximately 1.0 lb per pack. Made from heritage pork, this bacon delivers exceptional taste and quality. Enjoy it with breakfast, on burgers, in salads, or wrapped around steak for an enhanced flavor.

This bacon is crafted with care, featuring a hint of sugar for added flavor depth. If you seek a no-sugar-added option, try the Uncured Heritage Pork Bacon.

Elevate your dishes with this versatile and flavorful Heritage Pork Bacon, cured for a rich, savory experience. Discover the difference in your cooking and browse our selection, including the fresh version of this bacon.

What’s To Love

This Heritage Pork Bacon, cured and weighing around 1.0 lb, comes from high-quality heritage pork for a rich, savory experience. Its versatility is unmatched, ideal for breakfast, enhancing burgers, or as a salad topping. It can even be wrapped around meat for an extra smoky flavor.

Note that this bacon includes sugar for a balanced taste. For a sugar-free version, consider our Uncured bacon.

This bacon is a culinary delight, adding a touch of class to any meal. Savor the quality and taste, and don’t miss our Heritage Pork Bacon (Fresh) for another tempting option.

How To Use

This Heritage Pork Bacon is a versatile, savory addition to any meal. Each pack contains about 1.0 pound of cured heritage pork, delivering a distinct, full flavor. It’s perfect for breakfast with eggs, on a burger, as a salad topper, or wrapped around meat.

The bacon offers a luxurious taste, crisping up perfectly with a subtle sweetness. For an alternative, the Heritage Pork Bacon (Fresh) offers a natural flavor profile. Both options are excellent for taking your meals to the next level.

1 review for Heritage Pork Bacon (Cured)

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    Robert Greene

    I’ve had the pleasure of using the Heritage Pork Bacon (Cured) in my home kitchen over the past few weeks and I must say it has been a delightful experience. As an at-home chef, I appreciate products that not only add unmatched flavor to my dishes but also offer an elevated culinary experience, and this bacon checks both boxes.

    The quality of this bacon is immediately noticeable. The rich, smoky fragrance that fills the kitchen when it’s cooking signals something special. The texture is firm yet tender, and each slice is beautifully marbled with just the right ratio of lean meat to fat, which ensures a crispy, succulent result every time.

    I’ve used this bacon in a myriad of dishes, from breakfast classics to sophisticated dinner entrees. It was the perfect companion to my Sunday morning scrambled eggs, adding a savory depth that was truly satisfying. I also used it to wrap around chicken breasts for a weekday dinner, and it endowed the poultry with a beautiful smoky flavor and kept it wonderfully moist.

    Despite all its positives, I’ve given the Heritage Pork Bacon four stars simply because I found it slightly saltier than my personal preference. While the cure undoubtedly contributes to the bacon’s overall delectable flavor, I would have preferred a tad less saltiness to allow the natural pork flavors to shine through more.

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