Heritage Pork Bacon Applewood (Smoked)


Introducing Heritage Pork Bacon Applewood Smoked: a premium bacon for enthusiasts. Each 12-ounce package features bacon expertly smoked for twelve hours to perfect its smoky taste. This bacon is nitrate-free, highlighting its natural flavor.

This bacon is sourced from heritage breed pigs, renowned for their excellent taste and texture, and raised humanely to ensure top-quality meat.

Perfect for a classic breakfast or as a smoky addition to any dish, this Heritage Pork Bacon Applewood Smoked offers a rich flavor and crisp texture that will enhance your meals. Experience the fusion of tradition and taste with this exceptional bacon.

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Experience the distinct flavor of Heritage Pork Bacon Applewood (Smoked). Each 12 oz pack is meticulously slow-smoked over twelve hours, ensuring a rich Applewood taste that enhances every meal. This bacon is notable for its lack of added nitrates, preserving its natural flavor and quality.

Heritage Pork Bacon stands out for its commitment to authenticity. Free from artificial additives, it offers a crisp, genuine heritage pork taste. Ideal for breakfast, enhancing meals, or as a standalone snack, this bacon’s superior quality and smoky richness make it an essential addition to your culinary repertoire.

To prepare, preheat a pan on medium-high heat. Lay the bacon slices without overlapping and cook until crispy, about 5-7 minutes per side. Once done, transfer the bacon to a paper towel to drain excess grease. Serve this premium, nitrate-free bacon with your favorite dishes and savor the unmatched flavor.

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    Robert Greene

    I recently had the pleasure of cooking with the Heritage Pork Bacon Applewood, and what an absolute delight it was. As an avid home cook, I found this product to be of exceptional quality and it certainly added an extra layer of flavor to my dishes.

    The packaging was neat and the bacon was fresh, with a smoky aroma that immediately tantalized my senses. It was thickly sliced, providing a hearty texture that held up well during cooking. The standout feature, however, is undoubtedly the Applewood smoke. This imparts a subtly sweet, fruity undertone to the bacon that delicately balances out the savory pork flavor.

    I first used this bacon in a classic carbonara and it was simply divine. The Applewood smoke infused the entire dish with a certain depth, giving it an unexpected, yet pleasantly surprising twist. The bacon crisped up nicely, adding a satisfying crunch that complemented the creamy pasta perfectly.

    I also tried it in a simple breakfast dish – scrambled eggs with bacon. The Heritage Pork Bacon Applewood elevated this humble dish into something much more flavorful and indulgent. The smokiness of the bacon paired excellently with the mild taste of the eggs, and the subtle sweetness of the Applewood added a nice finish.

    In terms of cooking, the bacon sizzles up nicely without too much splatter, and it doesn’t shrivel up excessively, which is always a bonus.

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