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Discover this Hanger Steak, a distinctive cut known for its rich flavor. This steak, hand-cut with precision, comes from cattle that are 100% pasture-raised, delivering superior taste and quality.

As a butcher’s specialty, the Hanger Steak is a coveted item, with each animal providing just one. Its juicy tenderness promises a memorable dining experience.

Ideal for steak aficionados and adventurous eaters alike, this steak promises satisfaction. Prepared for perfect cooking, whether grilled, pan-seared, or broiled, it enhances any dish. Try this Hanger Steak for a straightforward yet remarkable meal.

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Discover this hand-cut Hanger Steak, a flavor-packed favorite from 100% pasture-raised beef. Each animal yields just one of these rare and exquisite cuts, ensuring a unique dining experience. Crafted with precision, this steak is poised to deliver a memorable meal.

What’s To Love

This Hanger Steak stands apart for its singular quality and flavor. Sourced from cattle raised on pastures, the steak offers a robust taste and tenderness. It’s versatile for grilling, searing, or broiling, catered to your preference. With every slice, enjoy intense natural flavors and juiciness, a testament to the careful raising and butchering process. Upgrade your dining with this exceptional cut.

How To Use

The Hanger Steak is a treasure among premium cuts, a butcher’s secret now available for your table. With one per animal, it’s a special find. To bring out its best, let the steak reach room temperature before cooking, season simply, and cook quickly to your desired doneness. Rest it before serving to lock in moisture. Follow these steps for a succulent and flavorful meal that stands out in any setting.

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    Robert Greene

    Having always been one to experiment with a variety of cuts in my home kitchen, I was excited to try the Hanger Steak. Renowned for its deep, beefy flavor, the product did not disappoint.

    The steak itself was of excellent quality – lean, yet marbled enough to ensure a succulent result. Upon cooking, it released a delicious aroma that filled my kitchen and set the stage for the hearty meal to come.

    I marinated the hanger steak in a simple concoction of red wine, garlic, olive oil, and herbs before grilling it to medium-rare. The steak absorbed these flavors beautifully while retaining its inherent, robust beefiness. The result was a steak that was succulent, flavorful, and tender – everything an ideal hanger steak should be.

    Yet, I’m giving it four stars instead of five for a couple of reasons. First, the hanger steak is a little more work than your average steak. It comes with a thick vein running down its middle that needs to be removed before cooking. For the uninitiated, this might be a bit of a challenge.

    Additionally, due to its coarse texture, hanger steak must be cooked carefully – undercooked, it can be tough; overcooked, it becomes chewy. It took me a few tries to get the cooking time right.

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