Grass-fed Ground Beef 80/20


Introducing Grass-fed Ground Beef 80/20, a top choice for beef lovers. This high-quality, versatile meat transforms any dish, from burgers to bolognese, into a gourmet experience.

Raised without antibiotics or hormones, this ground beef boasts a pure taste from 100% grass-fed beef. Its 80% lean composition delivers the ideal mix of flavor and texture, suitable for numerous recipes.

Priced at $11.49 per pound, this ground beef offers exceptional value for its premium taste and health benefits. Upgrade from ordinary meat to the rich, natural flavor of grass-fed beef.

Enhance your cooking with Grass-fed Ground Beef 80/20 from FarmFoods. Order now and indulge in the superior taste of grass-fed beef. Your taste buds will be grateful.

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Meet the Grass-fed Ground Beef 80/20, a staple for delicious, home-cooked meals. Ideal for juicy burgers, tasty meatballs, or classic spaghetti bolognese, this cut boasts an 80% lean mix, ensuring a balanced blend of moisture and taste. Raised responsibly without antibiotics or hormones, this beef offers a superior taste that’s both healthy and satisfying.

At just $11.49 per pound, you can enjoy top-tier, grass-fed beef that’s easy on the wallet. FarmFoods invites you to experience the rich flavor of naturally-raised cattle by ordering today.

Explore our other offerings too. If you prefer more fat, try the Grass-fed Ground Beef (High Fat). For larger quantities, the Mega Value Pack offers 20 pounds for $169 with free shipping, or get the 50-pound pack for $399, also with free shipping.

Taste the difference with FarmFoods Grass-fed Ground Beef 80/20—quality beef you can trust.

Why Choose This Beef

This Grass-fed Ground Beef 80/20 is a fan favorite for its versatility and rich flavor. The high-quality beef, sourced from grass-fed cows raised without antibiotics or hormones, guarantees a premium taste experience. With a price of $11.49 per pound, it’s an affordable luxury for any meal.

Order now and transform your meals with this exceptional beef, whether you’re grilling burgers or simmering a sauce. Trust FarmFoods to deliver the finest grass-fed beef to your table.

Preparation Tips

Preparing the Grass-fed Ground Beef 80/20 is simple. If frozen, thaw completely before cooking. This beef is perfect for burgers, meatballs, or bolognese, with its 80/20 ratio providing juiciness and flavor. Cook on medium heat to avoid overcooking, aiming for an internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit per USDA guidelines. Once cooked, it’s ready to enhance your favorite dishes or can be stored for later use. Choose this ground beef for a wholesome and delicious meal foundation.


1 review for Grass-fed Ground Beef 80/20

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    Robert Greene

    Having procured and cooked with countless types of beef in my at-home culinary adventures, I was thoroughly delighted by the Grass-fed Ground Beef 80/20. It presents an excellent blend of lean meat and fat, perfect for those who appreciate a well-balanced diet.

    The product’s quality was evident right from the start. The packaging was sturdy and kept the beef fresh, acknowledging the company’s commitment to sustainability. Upon opening, the beef had a healthy, natural red hue, and a fresh, earthy aroma that you rarely find in conventional, grain-fed beef.

    The first dish I prepared was my household’s favorite, homemade beef burgers. The result was a revelation! The burgers had a distinct, robust flavor profile, a testament to the grass-fed diet of the cattle. The 80/20 mix of meat to fat ratio was just right, ensuring juicy, succulent patties that were not overly greasy.

    Next, I tried my hand at a classic spaghetti Bolognese. The beef browned beautifully, integrating seamlessly with the rest of the ingredients. The sauce had a rich depth, and the meat remained tender and flavorful, enhancing the overall dining experience.

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