Grass-Fed Beef Osso Buco


Discover this Grass-Fed Beef Osso Buco, ideal for those who crave a satisfying meal. Each piece, at 2 to 3 pounds, offers ample meat for a family dinner or entertaining guests. This bone-in cut is flexible for various cooking methods, including braising, slow cooking, and pressure cooking, ensuring a tender and flavorful dish.

Transform this Osso Buco into a warming soup or savor the balance of juicy meat and rich marrow. Available with or without skin, it caters to your preference. For variety, consider the Beef Shank Marrow / Osso Bucco Pack for more meaty enjoyment, or try the Heritage Pork Osso Bucco.

With this product, you’re choosing quality, sustainable meat. Elevate your meals with the Grass-Fed Beef Osso Buco, a choice bound to impress.

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Explore this Grass-Fed Beef Osso Buco, a bone-in cut ideal for various cooking techniques. This 2 to 3-pound cut is perfect for braising, slow cooking, or pressure cooking to craft soups and other dishes.

Referred to as Cross-cut shanks, these pieces can be prepared with or without skin to suit your taste. The skin-on variety brings richness while the skin-off provides a leaner option.

Consider the Beef Shank Marrow / Osso Bucco Pack for an extended culinary experience, offering around 7 pounds of high-quality meat. If you prefer pork, try the Heritage Pork Osso Buco for a distinct flavor.

Grass-Fed Beef Osso Buco and its counterparts offer endless possibilities for delicious, satisfying meals. Elevate your dishes with the natural, robust flavor of this premium beef.

What’s to Love

Grass-Fed Beef Osso Buco is a versatile 2 to 3-pound bone-in cut that adapts to braising, slow cooking, or pressure cooking. Also known as Cross-cut shanks, it’s perfect for slow-cooked meals. Skin-on or off, it delivers unique flavors and textures.

This Grass-Fed Beef is lean, rich in Omega-3s, and offers a superior taste. For more, try the Beef Shank Marrow or Osso Bucco Pack, which includes 7 pounds of meat. The Heritage Pork Osso Buco is another excellent choice for those seeking a different taste.

How To Use

This Grass-Fed Beef Osso Buco is a flavorful bone-in cut weighing 2 to 3 pounds, suitable for braising, slow cooking, or pressure cooking. It’s available as Cross-cut shanks, with or without the skin, each version ensuring quality and flavor.

For additional options, we have the Beef Shank Marrow/Osso Bucco Pack and the Heritage Pork Osso Buco. Each offers a unique culinary experience.

With this Grass-Fed Beef Osso Buco, you can create a variety of rich, flavorful dishes that bring comfort and satisfaction to your table.

1 review for Grass-Fed Beef Osso Buco

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    Robert Greene

    I recently had the pleasure of working with the Grass-Fed Beef Osso Buco, and it has truly been a delightful culinary adventure. As an at-home chef fond of experimenting with diverse ingredients, I was thoroughly satisfied with the quality, taste, and tenderness of this product.

    Firstly, I would like to commend the superior quality of the meat. It was clearly from a well-raised, grass-fed beef which was evident from the rich and robust flavor profile. The marrow in the bone added a depth of flavor that was unparalleled compared to conventional cuts of beef.

    The Osso Buco was the star of my slow-cooked Italian stew. I braised it in a simmering pot of vegetables, white wine, and broth. The end result was a succulent piece of meat that was fall-off-the-bone tender. The marrow, having melded with my stew, added a velvety richness that was both comforting and indulgent.

    An added bonus was the nutritional value that grass-fed beef brings to the table. Knowing I was serving my family a meal that is not only delicious but also high in essential nutrients made the experience even more rewarding.

    My only word of caution to potential buyers is to allow ample time for cooking this cut of meat.

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