Grass-Fed Beef Cheeks


Introduce this Grass-Fed Beef Cheek, a premium cut for an exquisite meal. Each cheek weighs 1 to 2 pounds and is ideal for a high-quality dining experience.

This beef is sourced from grass-fed cattle, ensuring a rich flavor and tenderness. Taken from the cow’s facial muscles, it offers distinct marbling and flavor. The meat is meticulously trimmed and packaged to guarantee top quality with every purchase.

Suitable for both professional chefs and home cooks, this cut is versatile, perfect for braising, slow-cooking, or smoking. It readily takes on the flavors of your preferred marinades or seasonings, creating a succulent dish.

Elevate your dinner with this Grass-Fed Beef Cheek, whether braised in wine or slow-cooked with herbs. Experience the superior taste and enhance your cooking repertoire.

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Discover Grass-Fed Beef Cheeks, an exceptional cut for discerning palates. This package brings you 1lb – 2lb of premium beef cheeks from grass-fed cattle, offering a healthier and more flavorful choice. Their unique texture guarantees a tender and luxurious eating experience, making every dish a standout.


Grass-Fed Beef Cheeks are a succulent and high-quality cut, weighing in at 1 to 2 pounds for a sizable meal. Raised on nutrient-rich pastures, these cows produce meat that’s richer in taste and nutrients, free from hormones and antibiotics. Ideal for slow cooking, these beef cheeks become incredibly tender, absorbing flavors for a memorable meal. Elevate your kitchen repertoire with this cut and impress your guests with its distinctive taste.

Preparation Tips

Grass-Fed Beef Cheeks are versatile and perfect for rich, savory dishes. For optimal taste, thaw them overnight in the fridge. Sear the cheeks before slow-cooking with vegetables and broth or wine for hours of simmering to achieve a tender, flavor-packed dish. Alternatively, marinate and grill or roast for a smoky, caramelized finish. Whether braised, grilled, or stewed, these beef cheeks enhance your dishes with unmatched flavor and tenderness.

1 review for Grass-Fed Beef Cheeks

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    Robert Greene

    As a home chef with a penchant for sourcing quality ingredients, I was thoroughly impressed with the Grass-Fed Beef Cheeks I recently purchased. The product was delivered with care, maintaining its freshness and quality, which is always appreciated.

    The beef cheeks were plump, tender, and marbled with just the right amount of fat to ensure a juicy and flavorful outcome. The fact that they came from grass-fed cattle was evident in the taste and texture of the meat.

    The first dish I prepared was a slow-cooked Beef Cheek Ragu served over handmade pappardelle. The beef cheeks braised beautifully and after several hours, they were melt-in-your-mouth tender. The rich, beefy flavor infused the sauce, creating a ragu that was robust and satisfying.

    The second dish I made was a classic French-style Beef Bourguignon. The beef cheeks held up wonderfully to the long, slow cooking process, absorbing the flavors of the wine, herbs, and vegetables. The result was a dish with depth and complexity, the beef cheeks adding a succulent, meaty richness that was truly exceptional.

    I also appreciated the ethical aspect of this product. Knowing the beef came from grass-fed cattle, which generally lead a healthier and more natural life, made the dishes not only taste better but also made me feel better about what I was serving to my family.

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