Grand Champion Whole Turkey


Introduce the Grand Champion Whole Turkey, your Thanksgiving highlight. This 8 to 12-pound turkey offers plenty of high-quality meat, raised on Jaindl’s family farm since 1934 with a focus on excellence.

This turkey is all-natural, antibiotic-free, and without artificial additives or hormones, thanks to Jaindl’s unique breed. An all-vegetable diet enhances its pure flavor, ensuring a premium taste.

Featuring 54% more white meat, the Grand Champion Turkey provides a bountiful supply of succulent cuts. It’s the perfect choice for a flavorful Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Select this turkey to enjoy a superb meal and support a veteran-owned business. With the limited-edition Leg Day Tee in partnership with Feed Me Fight Me, your holiday attire is also set, combining style with the FarmFoods tradition.

Prepare for a standout Thanksgiving with the Grand Champion Whole Turkey—where quality, natural rearing, and rich taste come together for an unforgettable celebration.

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Meet the Grand Champion Whole Turkey, your Thanksgiving centerpiece. This impressive turkey weighs between 8 to 12 pounds and is renowned for its exceptional quality.

This turkey is naturally raised without antibiotics, delivering a healthy meal you can trust. Developed by Jaindl, a leader since 1934, this proprietary breed stands for unmatched taste and tenderness.

FarmFoods is dedicated to sustainable, responsible farming, with turkeys enjoying a vegetable-only diet. Our family farm’s integrated approach ensures quality from hatch to table.

With 54% more white meat, the Grand Champion Whole Turkey promises a rich, flavorful experience. Every slice is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

For a unique Thanksgiving touch, we’ve partnered with Feed Me Fight Me to offer our Leg Day Tee. Combine it with our turkey for a memorable holiday.

Order now and treat your guests to the best turkey they’ve ever had.

Why Choose This Turkey

The Grand Champion Whole Turkey stands out with its all-natural, antibiotic-free upbringing. Trust in the quality that a heritage of dedication from Jaindl’s family farm brings to your table.

An all-vegetable diet ensures that every bite is pure and delicious. This turkey is not just a meal but a gourmet experience with a promise of more white meat for everyone to enjoy.

Adorn your Thanksgiving table with a turkey that’s as visually impressive as it is delectable. Make this holiday meal unforgettable with the Grand Champion Whole Turkey.

How To Prepare

Originating from a longstanding family farm, the Grand Champion Whole Turkey is a testament to tradition and care. Raised on a strict vegetable diet, this antibiotic-free bird offers a wholesome, flavorful feast with an abundance of white meat.

Thaw properly, season, and cook to your preference for a standout meal. Suitable for both large and small gatherings, this turkey turns any dinner into a celebration. Pair with our Leg Day Tee for a festive and tasty Thanksgiving.

1 review for Grand Champion Whole Turkey

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    Robert Greene

    As an at-home chef, I’ve always believed in using the best ingredients to bring out the best in my dishes. The Grand Champion Whole Turkey certainly lived up to that creed. The bird was a good size, plump, and primed for cooking – a testament to the company’s commitment to quality.

    The turkey was delivered fresh and I was impressed with the careful packaging, ensuring that the product reached me in the best possible condition. I used the turkey for a Sunday roast and it was a hit with my family. The meat was succulent, flavorful, and cooked evenly, making it a joy to work with in my kitchen.

    One of the standout features of this bird was its versatility. I used the leftovers to make turkey sandwiches, turkey pot pie, and even a hearty turkey soup. Each dish was delicious, with the turkey adding a robust flavor that was appreciated by all.

    I would, however, like to make a small suggestion. While the taste and quality were superb, it would be helpful if the turkey came with more detailed cooking instructions, especially for novice chefs. This would take the guesswork out of preparation and cooking times, ensuring a perfect result every time.

    Overall, the Grand Champion Whole Turkey was a great addition to my kitchen and I look forward to cooking with it again.

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