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Introducing the Dry Aged Flat Iron Steak, a premier cut of beef that elevates your meals. Sourced from 100% pasture-raised cattle, this steak exemplifies dedication to quality and sustainability, free from antibiotics and hormones for your peace of mind.

The Flat Iron, known for its tenderness, ranks as the second most tender cut, ensuring a delightful eating experience. Versatile in preparation, enjoy it medium or well-done according to your preference. This steak is dry-aged for at least 14 days to enhance its rich flavor, reminiscent of a high-end steakhouse.

Experience the robust taste of this dry-aged Flat Iron Steak, perfect for both professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts. Choose excellence with this cut and indulge in the flavors that will have you longing for more.

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Discover the Flat Iron Steak, a premium dry-aged, hand-cut beef that transforms your meals. With exceptional tenderness second only to the tenderloin, it ensures a superb dining experience regardless of how it’s cooked.

This steak comes from 100% pasture-raised beef, reflecting a commitment to quality and sustainable practices. Raised without antibiotics or hormones, this product offers a pure taste.

The distinctive feature of this steak is its dry aging process. Each piece is aged for at least 14 days, concentrating the flavor for a steakhouse-quality taste. This careful aging results in a steak that’s both flavorful and tender.

Choose the Flat Iron Steak for a dining experience that stands out. Try this meticulously aged, superior cut today.

What’s To Love

The Flat Iron Steak is a tender, dry-aged treasure. Ranking as the second most tender cut, it’s perfect for discerning palates. Enjoy a versatile steak that excels in both flavor and texture, cooked to your liking.

These steaks come from 100% pasture-raised beef, offering high quality and exceptional taste. Free from antibiotics and hormones, the natural quality shines through. The dry aging process, lasting at least 14 days, intensifies the flavor, elevating the steak to luxury status.

The Flat Iron Steak boasts an indulgent taste, ideal for special occasions or a gourmet meal at home. Enhance your dining with this dry-aged, hand-cut steak today.

How To Use

The Flat Iron Steak is a choice cut known for its tenderness and unrivaled flavor, ideal for any cooking preference.

Sourced from pasture-raised cattle, free from antibiotics and hormones, this steak’s quality is unmatched. Aged whole for a minimum of 14 days, the dry aging process enriches its flavor, reminiscent of an upscale steakhouse.

This steak is versatile, perfect for grilling, pan-searing, or broiling, ensuring a memorable meal. Its melt-in-your-mouth tenderness combined with profound flavors from the aging process will have you longing for more.

Experience the unique taste of the Flat Iron Steak, a cut that promises an unmatched dining experience with its rich flavor and tender texture.

1 review for Flat Iron

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    Robert Greene

    I am by no means a professional chef, rather a passionate culinary explorer in the comfort of my own home, and the Flat Iron has become a staple in my kitchen. Its sturdy construction and ease of use make it a gem in my culinary arsenal.

    I was genuinely impressed with its quick and even heat distribution. Its surface was ample enough to accommodate a variety of ingredients, from a hearty steak to a delicate fillet of fish. The Flat Iron has become my go-to tool for achieving a perfect sear, ensuring a deliciously caramelized crust on my meats.

    One of the most enjoyable aspects of using the Flat Iron is its versatility. Whether I am cooking a comforting breakfast of pancakes and bacon, or a sophisticated dinner of seared scallops, it has proven to be incredibly adaptable. It’s not just a tool for meat lovers; I’ve used it for grilling vegetables, making quesadillas, and even for toasting bread.

    The only minor downside is that it takes a bit of time to fully heat up. However, once at temperature, it maintains its heat wonderfully, a trait that’s particularly useful when cooking for larger gatherings.

    Cleaning was a breeze as well. It’s worth mentioning that it’s best to clean it while it’s still warm to prevent any residues from sticking. Just a soft cloth with warm soapy water, and it was as good as new.

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