Flank Steak


Introducing this Flank Steak, expertly hand-cut and dry-aged to enhance its flavor and tenderness. This high-quality beef cut delivers a unique taste, perfect for salads, tacos, or as a London broil.

This steak comes from 100% pasture-raised beef, with a commitment to animal welfare and sustainability. It’s free from antibiotics and hormones, offering a taste of pure, natural beef.

The beef is dry-aged for at least 14 days to intensify its flavor and improve its texture, ensuring a tender, juicy steak full of savory richness.

Experience the flavor and tenderness of this Flank Steak, an ideal choice for any meal. Whether you’re a food enthusiast or just love a good steak, this cut is destined to become a staple in your kitchen. Enjoy the journey of taste with this standout selection.

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Introducing this premium Flank Steak, a standout addition to any meat enthusiast’s menu. Dry-aged and hand-cut, it promises to enhance your dishes with its superior flavor. Perfect for upgrading salads, tacos, or enjoying as a London broil, this cut is your top choice.

Sourced from 100% pasture-raised cattle, this beef is of the highest quality and ethically produced, free from antibiotics and hormones. The dry-aging process, lasting at least 14 days, guarantees a deep, steakhouse flavor that will make each meal memorable.

Experience the unmatched tenderness, juiciness, and taste of this Flank Steak. It’s an indulgent step up from the ordinary, ensuring a remarkable culinary journey.

Why You’ll Love It

This Flank Steak, from our selection of pasture-raised beef, offers a transformative taste. Each slice, hand-cut and dry-aged for over two weeks, delivers an intense flavor characteristic of only the finest cuts. Versatile in use, it’s ideal for adding a gourmet touch to salads, tacos, or as a London broil.

Our commitment to ethical sourcing means you enjoy a product that’s both delicious and responsibly obtained. With no antibiotics or hormones, and the benefit of whole dry-aging, you get a steak with an authentic steakhouse flavor.

Treat yourself to the superb tenderness and exceptional taste of this Flank Steak. Each premium cut guarantees a memorable meal, elevating your dining to extraordinary heights.

Usage Tips

This high-quality Flank Steak brings rich, steakhouse flavor to a variety of dishes, thanks to a meticulous dry-aging process of at least 14 days. The beef is 100% pasture-raised, without antibiotics or hormones, enhancing its natural quality and flavor. The precision hand-cutting of this flank steak ensures a distinct culinary experience.

Its versatility makes it perfect for salads, tacos, or as a flavorful London broil. For best results, cook to medium-rare to enjoy its full tenderness and flavor.

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    Robert Greene

    I recently purchased the Flank Steak, and I must say, it was a delightful addition to my home cooking repertoire. The quality was certainly noticeable, a standout from the average steak cuts I’ve used in the past. The meat was lean, yet well-marbled, striking that perfect balance of taste and texture.

    As an avid lover of grilling, I decided to marinate the flank steak overnight in a blend of olive oil, soy sauce, honey, garlic and a dash of red wine vinegar. The next day, I grilled it to medium-rare perfection. The meat absorbed the marinade beautifully, infusing each bite with a harmonious blend of savory, sweet, and tangy flavors.

    The steak was tender, succulent, and incredibly flavorful. However, I must mention that achieving the ideal level of tenderness required careful attention to grilling time and temperature. Flank steak can become quite tough if overcooked, so I would advise other home chefs to be mindful of this.

    The only reason I withhold a full five-star rating is due to the preparation demands of the flank steak. It does require a bit more finesse and preparation time compared to other cuts. This is not a weeknight dinner option unless you’ve planned ahead. However, for those special occasions or weekend culinary adventures, it’s a fantastic choice that will surely impress your guests.

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