Dry Aged Ground Beef


This Dry Aged Ground Beef delivers unmatched flavor and quality, enhancing your cooking with the deep, rich taste usually found in top steakhouses. Aged for at least 14 days, this beef offers an intense, beefy flavor in every bite.

Sourced from 100% pasture-raised cattle without antibiotics or hormones, this beef lets you enjoy a pure, naturally delicious product. You can trust that you’re eating beef raised with a commitment to animal welfare and environmental sustainability.

Perfect for gourmet burgers, meatballs, or chili, this ground beef is the key ingredient for exceptional dishes. Its tender texture and superior taste, thanks to the dry aging process, will elevate your meals and impress anyone who tastes them. Experience the difference of this Dry Aged Ground Beef in your next dish.

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Introducing this Dry Aged Ground Beef, crafted for an unmatched culinary experience. We dry age the beef for at least 14 days to impart a deep, rich flavor akin to luxury steakhouses.

This beef comes from cattle that roam and graze on lush fields, without antibiotics or hormones, ensuring a natural and ethical product. Use this ground beef to enhance your recipes, from burgers to Bolognese, and enjoy its robust taste.

Select this ground beef for an exceptional taste that adheres to the highest standards of quality and ethical farming. Experience a superior flavor that will satisfy the most refined tastes.

Why You’ll Love It

This Dry Aged Ground Beef stands out with its remarkable flavor, achieved by dry aging for over two weeks. The process delivers a rich taste you’d find at prestigious steakhouses.

Our commitment to quality means the beef is 100% pasture-raised, providing our cows with a healthy environment that also enriches the beef’s flavor. With no antibiotics or hormones, you get a pure product that excels in taste.

Ideal for any dish, this Dry Aged Ground Beef will take your cooking to the next level. Experience the difference with this gourmet ingredient.

Usage Tips

This Dry Aged Ground Beef offers an extraordinary steakhouse flavor thanks to a 14-day aging process. The beef’s origin is just as important as the aging; it’s 100% pasture-raised for a healthy and flavorful product, free from antibiotics and hormones.

Versatile in the kitchen, the ground beef can be used in countless recipes, enhancing them with its gourmet flavor. Keep it stored under 40 degrees Fahrenheit and cook to an internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit to maintain taste and safety. Avoid overcooking to preserve its moisture and flavor. When seasoning, choose bold spices and herbs to complement the beef’s richness.


1 review for Dry Aged Ground Beef

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    Robert Greene

    I recently had the pleasure of cooking with Dry Aged Ground Beef, and I must say, it is a product that has truly elevated my home cooking experience. I have always appreciated the complexity of flavors that dry aged beef offers, and this ground version did not disappoint.

    The packaging was robust and the beef was in perfect condition upon arrival. The freshness was apparent from the moment I opened the package. The beef had a rich, deep color that spoke of its exceptional quality.

    Upon cooking, I noticed the aroma was distinctively different from your run-of-the-mill ground beef. It had a more pronounced, complex scent that whetted my appetite even before the first bite. I used it in a simple spaghetti Bolognese recipe to really allow the quality of the beef to shine through. The flavor was robust, deep, and layered, adding a gourmet touch to a classic dish.

    The texture of the Dry Aged Ground Beef is also worth noting. It is finer and more tender than regular ground beef, which I believe is a result of the dry aging process. This made it a pleasure to cook with and even better to eat.

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