Coleman Natural Canadian Bacon


Introduce Coleman Natural Canadian Bacon to your breakfast lineup for a flavorful experience. This high-quality bacon delivers a rich, smoky taste with every slice, made from the finest pork cuts.

Coleman Natural Canadian Bacon stands out for its freshness, achieved through meticulous preparation and vacuum-sealed packaging that prevents freezer burn. Enjoy consistently delicious bacon, whether you’re pairing it with eggs, enhancing sandwiches and salads, or adding a savory note to your recipes.

Easy to prepare with clear instructions, this bacon is an excellent choice for anyone, from seasoned chefs to kitchen novices. Try Coleman Natural Canadian Bacon and elevate your meals with its exceptional taste.

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Experience Coleman Natural Canadian Bacon, the ideal addition to your breakfast. This high-quality, Canadian-sourced pork provides a superior taste with every slice. Its careful curing process brings out a savory, smoky flavor, and the product is vacuum sealed and frozen to preserve its freshness.

This Canadian Bacon is perfect for a variety of dishes, enhancing everything from pancakes to breakfast sandwiches. Preparing it is simple: defrost, cook to your liking, and enjoy the delectable aroma and taste of Coleman Natural Canadian Bacon.

Its top-notch quality, exceptional taste, and ease of use make this Canadian Bacon a necessity for bacon lovers and breakfast connoisseurs. Discover the richness of Coleman Natural Canadian Bacon in your meals.


Coleman Natural Canadian Bacon stands out for its convenience and quality. Its vacuum-sealed, frozen packaging ensures lasting freshness and a rich flavor. Made with premium pork and select seasonings, each slice offers a savory taste that crisps up beautifully.

It’s versatile enough to star in a range of recipes, adding depth to everything from omelets to salads. Stock up on this premium bacon to enrich your meals with its robust flavor.

Preparation Tips

Coleman Natural Canadian Bacon offers delicious versatility and quality in a convenient package. Keep it frozen until you’re ready to cook, then thaw as needed.

For cooking, you can pan-fry, bake at 375°F for 12-15 minutes, or microwave for 1-2 minutes per slice. It’s an effortless way to add a savory twist to your meals, making it a must-try for any bacon enthusiast.

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    Robert Greene

    I recently purchased Coleman Natural Canadian Bacon and have been quite pleased with the quality and flavor of this product. Being an at-home chef who values natural ingredients and robust flavors, I found this product to be a delightful addition to my culinary repertoire.

    The bacon comes conveniently pre-sliced and saves me valuable preparation time. The slices are lean, yet retain a satisfying juiciness that I often miss in other similar products. Slightly smoky and well-seasoned, Coleman’s Canadian Bacon added a depth of flavor to my dishes without being overpoweringly salty.

    I have used it in a variety of my dishes, from traditional breakfast meals to gourmet dinner recipes. It was a perfect companion for my Sunday morning eggs benedict, adding a layer of succulence to the dish. It also proved to be a fantastic topping for homemade pizza, providing a balance between the rich cheese and tangy tomato sauce.

    However, as much as I enjoyed the taste and versatility of the bacon, I was slightly disappointed with the packaging. The resealable bag didn’t quite live up to its promise, and I had to resort to using a separate airtight container to keep the bacon fresh.

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