Coleman Natural Applewood-Smoked No-Sugar Bacon


Try Coleman Natural’s Applewood-Smoked No-Sugar Bacon for a healthier take on a classic favorite. Crafted by Coleman Natural, a brand dedicated to taste and quality, this sugar-free bacon caters to those watching their sugar intake without sacrificing the savory flavor of traditional bacon.

Each pack of this bacon is vacuum-sealed and frozen to lock in freshness and taste, making it a convenient option for storage. It’s ideal for a protein-rich breakfast, enhancing recipes, or for a delicious bacon sandwich.

The bacon’s applewood-smoked aroma brings a subtle smokiness to each slice, thanks to Coleman Natural’s use of quality ingredients and authentic smoking techniques. Tender, full of flavor, and free from artificial additives and preservatives, this bacon is perfect for health-conscious food lovers.

Enjoy Coleman Natural’s Applewood-Smoked No-Sugar Bacon’s fusion of premium quality and taste, conveniently packaged to preserve its freshness. Add this bacon’s distinct smokiness to your dishes, confident in its conscientious production process. Coleman Natural offers a delicious bacon option that aligns with your health goals and satisfies your cravings.

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Discover the Coleman Natural Applewood-Smoked No-Sugar Bacon. This bacon delivers a smoky flavor without added sugar, aligning with a health-conscious diet. Each pack is vacuum-sealed and frozen to lock in freshness.

What’s to Love

Coleman’s Applewood-Smoked No-Sugar Bacon offers a premium pork taste with a smoky twist. The traditional smoking technique ensures a rich flavor, and the absence of added sugars caters to a healthier lifestyle. It’s the perfect ingredient for enhancing dishes with its savory profile.

How to Use

Thaw the bacon in the refrigerator, then cook it in a skillet until crispy to your liking. This versatile bacon complements breakfasts, sandwiches, and can be a savory addition to salads or soups. With Coleman’s bacon, you’re choosing quality and taste without the sugar.

1 review for Coleman Natural Applewood-Smoked No-Sugar Bacon

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    Robert Greene

    As an avid home cook, the Coleman Natural Applewood-Smoked No-Sugar Bacon has been a delightful addition to my kitchen. The rich, robust, and smoky flavor of this bacon brings a unique and savory twist to many of my dishes.

    The first thing I noticed about this bacon was its high-quality packaging. Upon opening, the smoky applewood aroma was irresistible. The slices are neatly packed, and it’s apparent that Coleman has taken great care to ensure freshness and quality.

    I particularly appreciated the no-sugar element. It’s a healthier option without compromising on the taste. The bacon crisped up beautifully in the pan and had a well-balanced flavor profile – not too salty, just the perfect level of smokiness, and with a delightful texture.

    I’ve used this bacon in a variety of dishes – from my weekend brunch staple of scrambled eggs and bacon to wrapping around chicken breasts for a midweek dinner. It has also been a tasty addition to my homemade pizzas and burgers. Each time, it elevated the dish with its mouthwatering, smoky flavor.

    However, I deducted one star because the slices are a bit too thin for my liking. It made wrapping it around other ingredients a bit of a challenge. Thicker slices would offer a better bite and would be easier to handle.

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