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Meet Chili Grind: premium ground beef designed for top-notch chili. This dry-aged beef ensures your chili stays flavorful, even after hours of simmering.

This beef is 100% pasture-raised, meeting high welfare standards while being free from antibiotics and hormones for a clean, natural taste.

The difference lies in the dry aging. The beef is aged for at least 14 days, concentrating the flavors for a steakhouse-quality taste in your chili.

Choose Chili Grind for a superior ingredient that promises to enhance your dishes. It’s the ground beef of choice for those who value quality and flavor in their cooking. With Chili Grind, expect nothing less than a rich, robust chili experience.

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Introducing Chili Grind, the essential ingredient for next-level chili. This beef is coarsely ground from dry-aged beef, ensuring it maintains its texture even after extensive cooking. Sourced from 100% pasture-raised beef without antibiotics or hormones, you can trust the quality and care behind this product.

The distinct steakhouse flavor comes from a careful 14-day dry aging process, setting this ground beef apart from others. It’s the superior choice for those wanting a robust, flavorful chili.

Chili Grind is ideal for any chili recipe. It’s coarsely cut for texture and infused with intense flavor thanks to the dry aging. Use it as you would any ground beef, and expect a richer, more satisfying dish. Whether slow-cooked or simmered on the stove, Chili Grind delivers a premium chili experience.

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    Robert Greene

    As an at-home chef who loves experimenting with different flavors, I was thrilled to add the Chili Grind to my spice collection. I’ve used this fantastic product in several dishes now, and I must say, it adds a wonderful and robust flavor profile that’s hard to ignore.

    The Chili Grind is a convenient option for spicing up mundane meals. It has a nice heat level that’s not overpoweringly hot but still enough to add a kick to your dishes. The texture adds a delightful crunch that is a nice surprise in soups or stews. I’ve used it in my chili con carne, and it notably elevated the dish – the flavors were vibrant, bold, and rich.

    What’s more, it’s not just limited to savory dishes. I’ve also used it in chocolate desserts, and it gives an unexpected yet pleasant warmth that balances the sweetness beautifully. A pinch in a cup of hot chocolate is a game-changer!

    While the Chili Grind is a fantastic product, the reason I’m giving it four stars instead of five is due to its packaging. It could be improved to have a more user-friendly design, perhaps with a better mechanism for sprinkling the product. Currently, it’s a bit difficult to control the amount coming out of the container, which can lead to dishes being hotter than intended.

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