Bone-In Leg of Lamb


Savor the rich taste of this American-raised Bone-In Leg of Lamb, with the perfect balance of flavor and no excessive gaminess. Sourced from Katahdin/Dorper sheep known for high-quality meat, this leg of lamb showcases the benefits of a 100% pasture-raised diet, with a supplementary grain feed that enhances both taste and nutrition, including Omega-3s. The meat’s flavor is subtly exquisite, offering a pure lamb experience.

This Bone-In Leg of Lamb comes from ethical farming practices that exclude antibiotics and hormones, promoting both your health and animal welfare. It’s an ideal choice for a nutritious and delicious meal, whether it’s a family roast or a special occasion. Enjoy a superior dining experience with this nutritious and flavorful leg of lamb.

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Discover the Bone-In Leg of Lamb, an excellent choice for lamb lovers. This American-raised lamb, from Katahdin/Dorper sheep, offers a rich flavor without gaminess. Each sheep benefits from being 100% pasture-raised on unlimited grass with a supplemental grain feed, ensuring the meat is rich in Omega-3s and nutrients.

This product is raised naturally, without antibiotics or hormones, providing you with a pure and wholesome culinary experience. Enjoy the tenderness and balanced taste of this Bone-In Leg of Lamb at your next meal.

What You’ll Love

This Bone-In Leg of Lamb, from pasture-raised American Katahdin/Dorper sheep, delivers a mild yet rich flavor. It’s a nutrient-rich selection, thanks to the sheep’s grass and grain diet. This method amplifies the Omega-3 content and enhances taste.

Our lamb stands out due to its all-natural rearing process, free from antibiotics and hormones. Ideal for any meal that calls for a flavorful and nutritious meat option, this lamb will elevate your dishes with both its taste and quality.

How To Prepare

The Bone-In Leg of Lamb is a versatile cut suitable for those who enjoy lamb’s natural flavor, refined to be less gamey. The diet of our pasture-raised sheep ensures that the lamb is nutritious and has a well-rounded taste.

We’re dedicated to offering the highest quality, responsibly raised lamb. This cut is perfect for various cooking methods, such as roasting or grilling, and is sure to provide a tender and flavorful experience. Enjoy the exceptional quality of this lamb with confidence in its purity and taste.

1 review for Bone-In Leg of Lamb

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    Robert Greene

    As an at-home chef, it’s a pleasure to bring new flavors to the table, and the Bone-In Leg of Lamb was no exception. I found it to be of excellent quality, superbly fresh, and it made for a truly delightful centerpiece for my weekend feast.

    The bone-in feature significantly added to the depth of flavor during the slow roasting process. The marrow in the bone rendered down, infusing the meat with a rich, robust taste. It was a wonderful reminder that some of the best flavors come from taking the time to cook things slowly and with respect for the ingredients.

    I marinated the lamb overnight with a mixture of rosemary, garlic, lemon zest, and olive oil, which enhanced the natural flavors of the lamb. After slow roasting it in the oven, the result was a beautifully tender and flavorful dish.

    However, the product did lose a star for the inconsistency in the trimming. There was a bit more fat than I would have preferred, which required some additional preparation time. I think a more even trim would enhance the overall appeal of the product.

    Additionally, a little guidance for first-time buyers on how to best cook a Bone-In Leg of Lamb could be useful. Though I enjoyed doing the research, some might find it daunting.

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