Big Pack Heritage Pork Bacon ~5 pounds


Enjoy the rich flavor of 5 lbs of Heritage Pork Bacon, crafted to enhance your dishes. This bacon, made from Berkshire pigs, is expertly cured, combining time-honored methods with modern quality standards. The pigs are raised on a vegetarian diet without hormones or antibiotics, offering a healthier bacon option.

This set includes 3 packs of cured Heritage Pork Bacon for a traditional taste and 3 packs of applewood-smoked variety, adding a smoky nuance to your cooking. Ideal for a robust breakfast, elevating salads, or adding a burst of flavor to steaks and meatloaves, this bacon is also great as a standalone snack. These bacon strips are a convenient and delicious addition to any meal.

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Introducing the Big Pack Heritage Pork Bacon, a 5-pound collection of premium bacon. This pack includes cured heritage pork bacon, ideal for a variety of dishes.

Enjoy this bacon with breakfast eggs, top it on a burger, or crisp it for a salad. It’s even perfect for wrapping around a steak or meatloaf. For a simple snack, savor the slices on their own.

You’ll find three portions of our expertly cured Heritage Pork Bacon and three portions of our Applewood Smoked Heritage Pork Bacon inside. Our bacon comes from Berkshire pigs, raised hormone-free on a vegetarian diet, without unnecessary antibiotics.

Experience the high-quality and exceptional taste of this bacon, a standout choice for discerning bacon lovers.

What’s To Love

The Big Pack Heritage Pork Bacon is a five-pound culinary must-have, offering a mix of three cuts each of cured and Applewood Smoked Heritage Pork Bacon. Suitable for any meal, this bacon elevates dishes with its rich taste and versatility.

The bacon comes from Berkshire pigs, pastured and vegetarian-fed, free of hormones and unnecessary antibiotics. This commitment to quality ensures healthy, ethical, and delicious bacon.

How To Use

The Big Pack Heritage Pork Bacon, approximately 5 pounds, caters to all bacon needs, featuring both fresh and cured varieties. It’s perfect for traditional breakfasts, adding flavor to burgers, or as a snack.

This bacon is sourced from well-raised Berkshire pigs, ensuring a product that’s as responsible as it is flavorful. Enjoy this bacon’s superior taste and rest easy knowing it comes from ethical farming practices.

1 review for Big Pack Heritage Pork Bacon ~5 pounds

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    Robert Greene

    Having tried the Big Pack Heritage Pork Bacon, I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and flavour it added to my home cooking. As an at-home chef, I am always on the lookout for ingredients that can elevate my dishes, and this bacon did just that.

    Weighing in at around 5 pounds, the pack provided more than enough bacon to experiment with and I found myself using it in a variety of dishes. From wrapping it around stuffed chicken for a smoky exterior to chopping it up and mixing it into my homemade pasta sauces for an extra depth of flavour, the Heritage Pork Bacon was a versatile addition to my culinary arsenal.

    The bacon’s taste was rich, with a good balance of meat and fat. I was particularly impressed by the robust smoky undertones and a hint of sweetness that lingered after each bite. It cooked up beautifully, with the fat rendering down to leave behind perfectly crispy bacon strips.

    In terms of packaging, the bacon was securely packed and arrived in a good condition. It was easy to store in the freezer and thawed well, with no loss of flavour or texture.

    However, there was a slight issue. As a health-conscious cook, I would’ve appreciated a bit more information about the product’s sourcing and nutritional content.

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