Big Heritage Pork Pack ~22 pounds


Experience the distinct flavor of the Big Heritage Pork Pack, featuring ~22 pounds of premium pork. This set contains 4 Heritage Pork Chops, 2 Heritage Pork Loin Roasts, 1 Heritage Pork Spare Rib Rack, 1 Heritage Pork Osso Bucco, 3 packs of Ground Heritage Pork, and 2 Heritage Pork Sausages, providing a variety of options for any meal.

Sourced from Heritage Berkshire pigs renowned for their marbling and taste, these cuts are the result of animals raised on verdant pastures with a wholesome vegetarian diet, enhancing both flavor and tenderness. With no hormones and limited antibiotic use, this pork pack delivers quality and ethical standards in harmony. It’s an ideal choice for discerning tastes that prioritize excellence and responsible farming.

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Introducing the Big Heritage Pork Pack, featuring around 22 pounds of Heritage Pork for a superior cooking experience. This pack includes 4 Pork Chops, 2 Loin Roasts, a Spare Rib Rack, and Osso Bucco, alongside 3 portions of Ground Pork and 2 portions of Sausage, all from Berkshire pigs raised without hormones or unnecessary antibiotics on a vegetarian diet of forage and feed.

With this pack, you’re set for any meal, whether you’re grilling chops, roasting a loin, barbecuing ribs, braising Osso Bucco, shaping gourmet meatballs, or crafting flavorful sausages. This pork comes from ethically raised heritage pigs, promising both exceptional taste and a commitment to sustainable farming. Make every dish memorable with the heritage flavors in this pack. Order now and bring tradition and quality to your table.

What’s To Love

The Big Heritage Pork Pack is an assortment of about 22 pounds of heritage pork cuts, ready for your recipes. With 4 Pork Chops, 2 Loin Roasts, a Spare Rib Rack, Osso Bucco, Ground Pork, and Sausage, it’s versatile for any cooking method. The Berkshire pigs are pasture-raised, hormone-free, and fed a vegetarian diet, ensuring the pork’s premium quality and flavor. Choosing this pack supports responsible farming practices and guarantees a taste of heritage pork’s excellence.

How To Use

This pack provides 22 pounds of Heritage Pork, including Pork Chops, Loin Roasts, a Spare Rib Rack, Osso Bucco, Ground Pork, and Sausage. These cuts come from pastured Berkshire pigs, raised naturally on a vegetarian diet, enhancing the meat’s flavor. For best results, cook each cut to highlight its qualities—grill the chops, roast the loins, barbecue the ribs, braise the Osso Bucco, and let the ground pork and sausages star in your favorite dishes.

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    Robert Greene

    As an ardent cooking enthusiast, I can say that the Big Heritage Pork Pack has been a delightful addition to my kitchen. I received approximately 22 pounds of premium quality pork that expanded the breadth of my at-home culinary adventures.

    The package arrived in excellent condition, well-packed and fresh. I was particularly impressed with the variety within the pack. It was a mix of cuts including pork chops, bacon, sausages, and roasts. Each cut provided a unique taste profile and texture, allowing me to experiment with diverse recipes.

    The quality of the meat is outstanding. It’s clear that the pigs were raised with care; the meat is tender, flavorful, and lean, yet it retains the right amount of fat to keep the pork juicy and mouth-watering. I’ve used the pork in a variety of dishes, from classic roasted pork loin to a comforting slow-cooked pork stew and the ever-popular bacon and egg breakfast. Each dish turned out deliciously, a testament to the quality of the meat.

    What I appreciate, even more, is that this pack aligns with my philosophy of responsible and sustainable eating. By purchasing the Big Heritage Pork Pack, I feel I’m supporting a system that values ethical farming practices. This not only enhances the taste but also makes me feel good about what I’m putting on my table.

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