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Introducing this Beef Osso Buco, perfect for braising. These beef shank sections offer a balance of tender meat, rich fat, and bone marrow. This beef comes from 100% pasture-raised cattle, with no antibiotics or hormones.

For superior flavor and tenderness, the beef is dry-aged for at least 14 days, rivaling top steakhouses. It’s ideal for slow-cooked dishes, delivering a tender texture that will satisfy your palate. Suitable for any cook, this premium cut will enhance your meals and impress your guests. Experience the exceptional taste and quality of this Beef Osso Buco.

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Introducing this Beef Osso Buco, a premium cut for braising. These beef shank cross-sections are hand-cut, dry aged and boast the perfect mix of meat, fat, and bone marrow for an indulgent taste.

This Osso Buco comes from 100% pasture-raised beef, without antibiotics or hormones, ensuring top quality and flavor. The beef is dry aged for at least 14 days, enhancing its rich, steakhouse taste, ideal for elevating your braised dishes.

Perfect for chefs and home cooks alike, this Beef Osso Buco offers tender meat that falls off the bone and marrow that enriches every dish with flavor. Enjoy the exceptional quality and taste of this pasture-raised beef, and make meals that will leave you longing for more.

What’s To Love

This Beef Osso Buco is a culinary treat, expertly cut for braising. Each piece contains an ideal blend of meat, fat, and bone marrow for a rich and satisfying experience.

Raised on pasture, this beef is naturally nutritious and flavorful, free from antibiotics and hormones. A minimum of 14 days of dry aging brings out a deep, robust taste that rivals fine steakhouse quality. This Osso Buco promises a memorable meal with its succulent tenderness and depth of flavor, sure to delight anyone looking for a gourmet experience at home.

How To Use

This Beef Osso Buco is a choice cut for braising, combining meat, bone marrow, and fat for a harmonious flavor. Pasture-raised and free from additives, it’s dry aged for 14 days to ensure a profound, steakhouse flavor.

Sear the Osso Buco first to create a flavorful crust, then slow cook with vegetables, broth, and wine. The meat becomes exquisitely tender, and the marrow enriches the braising liquid, resulting in a sumptuous dish perfect for a heartwarming, home-cooked meal.

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    Robert Greene

    Being an avid home cook, I am always on the lookout for quality ingredients that lend themselves to a variety of dishes. The Beef Osso Buco I recently purchased did not disappoint! This product is a testament to the fact that simplicity can produce the most profound flavors when handled correctly.

    The meat arrived in perfect condition, neatly packaged, and with a freshness that’s not always guaranteed when ordering online. The cuts were generous, with just the right amount of marbling to promise a succulent, tender result.

    My first venture was to prepare a traditional Italian Osso Buco, slow-cooked with a medley of vegetables, white wine, and broth. As it simmered away, filling my kitchen with a rich, comforting aroma, the anticipation was palpable.

    When it came time to serve, the meat was exquisitely tender, falling off the bone with the slightest touch of the fork. But the real show-stopper was the marrow within the bone. It lent a creamy, deep flavor that was simply sublime when spread on a slice of crusty bread.

    One thing to note, the Beef Osso Buco is a dish that requires patience; it’s not a quick, weekday dinner option. But the flavor-packed result is truly worth the wait. It’s a culinary experience that transports you to the rustic kitchens of Italy, without ever leaving your home.

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