8th of a Pastured Heritage Pig


This Pastured Heritage Pig eighth portion package weighs approximately 25 pounds and features a variety of cuts for diverse meal options. The package includes 5 slices of cured Heritage Pork Bacon, 3 packs of Heritage Pork Ground, 2 packs of Heritage Pork Sausage, 4 Heritage Pork Chops, and 4 Heritage Pork Loin Roasts, each delivering a burst of flavor indicative of the farm-to-table experience.

Raised on a vegetarian diet without hormones or antibiotics, these Berkshire pigs produce meat that is both healthy and exceptionally tasty. This package offers a taste of this renowned breed’s succulent and tender meat, allowing you to enjoy gourmet Heritage Pork in your own cooking. From crispy bacon to tender pork chops and robust ground pork for various recipes, this selection elevates any dish. Experience the quality and distinct taste of this Heritage Pork right in your kitchen.

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Introducing the 8th of a Pastured Heritage Pig, an excellent choice for pork lovers. This pack includes a selection of premium cuts, weighing about 25 pounds.

Enjoy 5 slices of Heritage Pork Bacon, expertly cured for maximum flavor. Utilize the 3 portions of Heritage Pork Ground in various recipes to delight your palate. Relish the 2 portions of Heritage Pork Sausage, crafted from top-quality ingredients and seasoned skillfully. Taste the tenderness of the 4 Heritage Pork Chops, each offering a burst of taste.

For a special meal, try the 4 portions of Heritage Pork Loin Roast, known for its exceptional taste and texture.

This heritage Berkshire pork is raised on a vegetarian diet without hormones or unnecessary antibiotics, ensuring a high-quality, ethical product.

What’s To Love

The 8th of a Pastured Heritage Pig provides 25 pounds of diverse, high-quality pork cuts. You’ll get 5 packs of savory Heritage Pork Bacon, 3 packs of adaptable Heritage Pork Ground, 2 packs of rich Heritage Pork Sausage, 4 tender Heritage Pork Chops, and 4 delicate Heritage Pork Loin Roasts.

These Berkshire pigs are pastured and hormone-free, fed a vegetarian diet, and raised without unnecessary antibiotics, guaranteeing a flavorful, tender, and healthy product. This pork isn’t just food; it’s a pledge to quality and responsible farming.

How To Use

The 1/8 Pastured Heritage Pig package offers a mix of cuts totaling approximately 25 pounds. It includes 5 Heritage Pork Bacon, 3 Heritage Pork Ground, 2 Heritage Pork Sausage, 4 Heritage Pork Chops, and 4 Heritage Pork Loin Roasts.

These cuts come from Berkshire pigs raised ethically and naturally. For the best flavor, cook each cut as appropriate: pan-fry the bacon, thoroughly cook ground and sausage, and roast or grill chops and loin for a tender meal.

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    Robert Greene

    I recently had the pleasure of cooking with the 8th of a Pastured Heritage Pig, and it was quite an enriching culinary experience. The product arrived in excellent condition, neatly packed, and the freshness of the meat was immediately apparent.

    The taste and texture of the meat were exceptional, reflecting the superior quality of the heritage breed and the care taken in raising the animal on the pasture. It was a delightful reminder of how crucial the source of our food is to the final taste on our plates. The meat was tender, juicy, and had a certain depth of flavor that you just don’t come across in conventional pork.

    I used various cuts in multiple recipes. The pork chops were perfect for grilling, turning out succulent and flavorful, while the shoulder was ideal for slow-cooking, resulting in a tender, melt-in-your-mouth pulled pork. The bacon was thick, smoky, and added a punch to my breakfast, and the sausages were a hit at a family barbecue.

    However, the reason for my four-star rating and not a full five is the lack of detailed instructions. While I am an experienced home chef and could navigate my way through the different cuts and their best uses, I think beginners might appreciate a guide or suggested recipes.

    Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed cooking and eating this Pastured Heritage Pig.

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