16th of a 100% Grass-Fed Cow


Experience the deep flavor of this 25-pound selection of 100% grass-fed beef, sourced from front and back subprimals. This package includes a variety of cuts such as a Beef Filet Mignon, New York Steak, Rib Eye Steak, Sirloin Tip Steak and Roast, London Broil, English Style Short Ribs, and 15 portions of Ground Beef, though selection may vary. For more options, consider an eighth or quarter cow.

This beef is grass-finished, hormone and antibiotic-free, from Humboldt Farm. The price includes all costs: butchering, packing, and delivery. Enjoy premium, eco-friendly beef with no extra fees, delivered to your doorstep.

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Introducing this 1/16 portion of a 100% grass-fed cow, weighing around 25 pounds. This selection offers a range of cuts from all the subprimals, though it may not include every type. For a complete set, consider purchasing a larger share.

This pack contains a grass-fed beef filet mignon, New York steak, rib eye steak, sirloin tip steak, sirloin tip roast, London broil, short ribs, and 15 portions of 80/20 ground beef.

The price includes USDA butchering, packing, and doorstep delivery. This beef is grass-fed and finished from Humboldt Farm, free of hormones and antibiotics.

Experience the superior taste and quality of this grass-fed beef pack, ideal for those who value sustainability and flavor. Order now and enjoy the premium beef from nature’s best pastures.

What’s To Love

Love comes easy with this 25-pound grass-fed beef selection, featuring a variety of cuts for a complete culinary experience. This pack includes popular cuts and ground beef, all grass-fed and ethically raised at Humboldt Farm. The price is all-inclusive, providing convenience and transparency. If you prioritize quality and responsible sourcing, this beef pack is a smart choice.

How To Use

This 1/16 beef share delivers diverse cuts for numerous meal options. For all cuts, consider a larger portion. It includes filet mignon, New York steak, rib eye, sirloin tip steak, roast, London broil, short ribs, and ground beef. Store in the fridge for immediate use or freeze for later. All beef is grass-fed at Humboldt Farm, hormone and antibiotic-free, and the price covers butchering, packing, and delivery. This product suits anyone seeking convenience and quality in their beef consumption.

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    Robert Greene

    I recently had the opportunity to purchase a 16th of a 100% Grass-Fed Cow and it has been nothing short of a culinary adventure. The quality of the meat was exceptional, offering a taste that was robust and flavorful – a testament to the cow’s healthy, grass-fed diet.

    The approximate 25 pounds of meat provided an opportunity to experiment with a variety of cuts. From a rich, slow-cooked stew that warmed the home on a chilly evening, to a tender, perfectly grilled steak that melted in the mouth, each meal was a pleasure to both prepare and consume.

    The product arrived packaged neatly, each cut individually wrapped and labeled which made storage a breeze. I found it quite helpful for planning meals ahead and it also provided a sense of satisfaction, knowing that I had a ready supply of high-quality beef on hand.

    However, prospective buyers should be aware that a home freezer with enough space is necessary to store this quantity of meat. Moreover, while the quality of the meat is undoubtedly high, it does come with a price tag to match. It is an investment, but for those who appreciate the taste and texture of grass-fed beef, it is definitely worth it.

    What prevents me from giving a full five-star review is the lack, albeit small, of some specific cuts.

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