100% Grass-Fed Beef Chuck Pack


This Grass-Fed Beef Chuck Pack features a variety of cuts from the chuck, prized for flavor and tenderness. The set includes 2 Beef Chuck Eye Steaks for grilling, 2 Chuck Roasts (or Mock Tender) for slow cooking, and 1 Short Ribs English Style for a succulent dish.

Raised on pasture without antibiotics or hormones, this beef delivers a clean taste. It’s a top pick for both value and quality, perfect for barbecues or home-cooked family dinners.

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Introducing the Grass-Fed Beef Chuck Pack – a 10-pound collection of premium beef from the flavorful Chuck region. This pack features two Chuck Eye Steaks, perfect for grilling, two versatile Chuck Roasts or Mock Tender cuts for slow cooking, and one English Style Short Rib for a hearty slow-cooked meal.

Each cut comes from pasture-raised cows without antibiotics or hormones, reflecting a dedication to ethical farming and superior quality.

Key Benefits

The Beef Chuck Pack delivers great value, providing a variety of steaks and roasts from the Chuck. Savor the two Grass-Fed Beef Chuck Eye Steaks on the grill, prepare the Chuck Roasts/Mock Tender for a succulent slow-cooked dish, and enjoy the richness of the English Style Short Rib. This beef is responsibly raised for a wholesome and flavorful eating experience.

Cooking Suggestions

The Beef Chuck Pack offers cuts suited to grilling, slow cooking, and roasting. Fire up the grill for the Chuck Eye Steaks, braise or roast the English Style Short Rib, and let the Chuck Roasts/Mock Tender become fall-apart tender in your slow cooker. This grass-fed beef is of the highest quality, offering a pure, all-natural taste.

This Beef Chuck Pack lets you experience the full range of the Chuck’s flavors in your culinary creations, elevating your dishes with its natural goodness and exceptional taste.

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    Robert Greene

    As an at-home chef who values quality and authenticity, I found the 100% Grass-Fed Beef Chuck Pack to be a truly enjoyable culinary experience. The product arrived in pristine condition, carefully packaged and chilled, preserving the freshness of the beef.

    The flavor profile of the beef is noticeably superior – earthy, rich, and subtly sweet. I could really taste the difference that grass-feeding makes. The texture of the meat was a delight, too – tender, with enough firmness to hold up to various cooking methods.

    The versatility of the beef chuck is impressive. I’ve used it in a range of dishes, from slow-cooked pot roasts to hearty stews and quick stir-fries. Each time, the beef has imparted a robust flavor that elevated the dish significantly.

    However, it’s worth mentioning that grass-fed beef does require some expertise to cook properly. It’s leaner than grain-fed beef, and can turn out tough if not handled properly. I recommend researching and experimenting with cooking methods to get the best out of this meat.

    The only reason for docking one star is the price point, which is a bit higher than other beef options. However, considering the superior flavor, texture, and the ethical benefits of grass-fed beef, I believe it provides good value for money for the discerning home chef.

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