1/3 lb. Italian Links


Introducing the 1/3 lb. Italian Links, a premium sausage selection for enthusiasts. Made from 100% pasture-raised pork, these links are seasoned with a robust blend of Italian herbs and spices, including oregano, basil, fennel seed, coriander, paprika, and black pepper.

Hand-twisted into natural casings, these sausages offer an authentic experience without any artificial flavors, additives, or fillers. This product’s pork is sourced from farms that avoid antibiotics and hormones, prioritizing animal welfare and product integrity.

These Italian Links are ideal for grilling, pan-frying, or incorporating into Italian recipes, providing a genuine taste of Italy in every bite.

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Introducing the 1/3 lb. Italian Links, crafted from 100% pasture-raised pork and seasoned with a classic Italian blend of oregano, basil, fennel seed, coriander, paprika, and black pepper. These sausages are hand-twisted into natural casings without any additives or fillers.

This product’s pork is raised without antibiotics or hormones, reflecting a commitment to quality and ethical farming practices.

Perfect for grilling, sautéing, or incorporating into Italian dishes, these Italian Links bring authentic flavor to any meal. Enjoy the taste of Italy with these straightforward, high-quality sausages.

What’s To Love

The 1/3 lb. Italian Links offer a rich flavor profile, combining pasture-raised pork with a savory seasoning mix. They’re hand-twisted in natural casings and free from unnecessary additives, ensuring an authentic Italian sausage experience.

How To Use

These Italian Links are versatile and ready to cook, suitable for grilling, pan-frying, or adding to various recipes. Their robust flavor enhances pasta dishes, sandwiches, or can be savored on their own.


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    Robert Greene

    Being an avid home cook, I am always on the hunt for high-quality ingredients to elevate my meals. The 1/3 lb. Italian Links I recently purchased have proven to be a delightful addition to my cooking repertoire.

    These links are just the right size for my family, and I’ve found them to be quite versatile. They’re great on their own, grilled to perfection, and served with some roasted vegetables. But my favorite way of using them is in my homemade pasta sauces. The rich, robust flavor of the sausage lends depth to the sauce, creating a tantalizing taste that leaves everyone asking for seconds.

    The meat is lean, yet incredibly juicy. You can really taste the freshness, and the blend of Italian herbs and spices is undeniably authentic. The balance of flavors is just right – not too spicy, not too mild.

    I appreciate that these Italian links are easy to cook with and save me a lot of preparation time. They brown beautifully in the pan, and the aroma they release as they cook is enough to make anyone’s mouth water.

    In terms of packaging, they arrived in perfect condition. They’re vacuum-sealed for freshness, which is a big plus.

    I would highly recommend the 1/3 lb. Italian Links to any home chef looking to add a burst of flavor to their dishes.

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