1/3 lb. Chorizo Links


Discover the 1/3 lb. Chorizo Links, a blend of Mexican and Spanish chorizo that delivers a smoky and spicy flavor profile. Made with 100% pasture-raised pork and a carefully selected spice mix including ancho chili, paprika, cayenne, cumin, black pepper, garlic, and oregano, these links are encased in natural casings without any artificial additives or fillers.

This product features pork that is raised without antibiotics or hormones, offering a high-quality and health-conscious option. These chorizo links are versatile for any meal, adding a rich depth of flavor. Enjoy the distinctive smoky heat of these premium chorizo links.

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Experience the distinctive taste of Chorizo Links, made from 100% pasture-raised pork and seasoned with a blend of ancho chili, paprika, cayenne, cumin, black pepper, garlic, and oregano. These sausages are hand-twisted into natural casings, free from additives or fillers, and crafted from pork raised without antibiotics or hormones. Elevate your dishes with the robust flavor of these Chorizo Links.

What’s To Love

These 1/3 lb. Chorizo Links offer a fusion of Mexican and Spanish flavors, featuring smoky and spicy notes. The high-quality, pasture-raised pork is seasoned with a mix of spices for a fiery and full-bodied taste. Hand-twisted in natural casings and free from artificial ingredients, these links provide an authentic sausage experience.

How To Use

The 1/3 lb. Chorizo Links blend smokiness with heat for a full-flavored sausage. Simply cook thoroughly in a pan or grill to enhance the spice blend, making them perfect for breakfast scrambles, paellas, or as a hearty side. Enjoy the rich and bold flavors these Chorizo Links bring to any meal.


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    Robert Greene

    I recently purchased the 1/3 lb. Chorizo Links and I must say, they have been a delightful addition to my kitchen. As a home cook who relishes exploring different flavours, I was ecstatic with the rich, spicy, and robust taste these links brought to my dishes.

    The packaging of the product was excellent, ensuring the chorizo arrived in optimal condition, retaining its freshness and quality. They were easy to cook with and blended seamlessly into my recipes, adding an extra dimension of flavor that was truly impressive.

    I first used these chorizo links in a hearty paella, and their robust flavor profile shone through, infusing the whole dish with a tantalizing smoky taste. The texture was also remarkable, firm yet tender, and they cooked evenly without losing their succulence.

    In addition to paella, I also used these chorizo links in a simple breakfast scramble. The spicy kick was a welcome addition to the morning routine, adding a burst of flavor to the eggs and vegetables. They also worked wonderfully on the grill, their smoky aroma wafting through the air and making our weekend barbecue a hit.

    What I truly appreciate about these chorizo links is the versatility they offer. They can be incorporated into a variety of dishes, from pasta to stews, and even as a pizza topping. The portion size is also perfect, allowing for multiple uses without overwhelming the taste buds.

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