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  • Bone-In Leg of Lamb


    Savor the rich taste of this American-raised Bone-In Leg of Lamb, with the perfect balance of flavor and no excessive gaminess. Sourced from Katahdin/Dorper sheep known for high-quality meat, this leg of lamb showcases the benefits of a 100% pasture-raised diet, with a supplementary grain feed that enhances both taste and nutrition, including Omega-3s. The meat’s flavor is subtly exquisite, offering a pure lamb experience.

    This Bone-In Leg of Lamb comes from ethical farming practices that exclude antibiotics and hormones, promoting both your health and animal welfare. It’s an ideal choice for a nutritious and delicious meal, whether it’s a family roast or a special occasion. Enjoy a superior dining experience with this nutritious and flavorful leg of lamb.

  • Boneless Leg of Lamb


    Introducing this Boneless Leg of Lamb, an ideal pick for those who enjoy the rich taste of lamb without a strong gamey flavor. Sourced from American Katahdin/Dorper sheep, this premium cut delivers a familiar and beloved taste.

    Quality is evident in the sheep’s diet of unlimited grass and a specialized grain feed, enhancing the lamb’s flavor and increasing its Omega-3 and nutrient content. Each bite reflects the careful pasture-raising process, offering a tender and juicy meal.

    This Boneless Leg of Lamb is ethically raised, without antibiotics or added hormones, ensuring natural growth and well-being. Choose this product for a delicious meal that supports conscientious farming practices and contributes to environmental sustainability. Enjoy the distinct taste that comes from responsible farming with this exceptional Boneless Leg of Lamb.