The National Fruit & Vegetable Alliance (NFVA) was a national alliance of public and private partners working collaboratively to increase nationwide access to and demand for all forms of fruits and vegetables for improved public health. The vision of NFVA was for fruits and vegetables comprise half of the food that Americans eat.

Preserving The National Fruit & Vegetable Alliance

Price of Meat believes in a future of eating less meat by eating better meat. We hope that people understand more about the meat they consume, cherish the traditions around the meat they consume, learn how to meat better, but also eat more fruits & vegetables!

The National Fruit & Vegetable Alliance did incredible work all through the 2000s building collaborations that we take for granted today (WIC & EBT at Farmer’s Markets!). They published report cards and studies that pushed state & the national government to act. The most highly publicized collaboration was with Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign that raised awareness among a generation of children to both eat better and understand their food better.

The NFVA argued strenuously that people who consume generous amounts of fruits and vegetables as part of a healthful diet are likely to have reduced risk of chronic diseases and better weight control. Yet Americans are not meeting their consumption goals, despite years of efforts by government, nonprofit, and commercial organizations.

Unfortunately, the Alliance has become defunct in recent years. Price of Meat purchased & maintains the domain in hopes to re-establish the Alliance (please reach out if interested!). But until then, we’re maintaining access to NFVA’s 2010 report via the Internet Archive. Even though it is 11 years old now – the report is still highly relevant. Even though some trends have accelerated in recent years, others are further off-track than ever. In a time of public health awareness, we hope that eating well will become even more trendy & better than ever.

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