Goat Meat Consumption by Country: Top 30+ Global Statistics

Goat meat is gaining popularity, but still lags behind pork, beef, and poultry in the US. Globally, it’s a staple in many countries, with Sudan and China leading in consumption. Its health benefits and culinary traditions make it a unique red meat choice.

February and a retired domestic Saanan goat grazing on the North Yorkshire smallholding at 900ft.

Goat meat is slowly growing in popularity in the United States. It is a lean and gamey meat that you can prepare in many ways. You can also bring out its gaminess and beauty from roasting to making curries and stews. However, not many US citizens consume goat meat. People still prefer pork, beef, and poultry meats to goat meat. 

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Top 10 Popular Goat Meat Consumption Statistics

You will notice that most statistics indicate goat meat in the US still records fewer numbers. But there is a notable increment promoting more efforts in rearing goats for meat. Restaurants and people are warming up to these recipes. These are some selected facts and statistics about goat meat consumption. 

  • Goat meat contributes 6% of consumed meat worldwide
  • The country consumes approximately 1.5 million heads annually
  • The average live weight of a goat is 65 pounds
  • The demand and trends of goat meat consumption are steadily rising
  • Fruit juice and cider are the primary ingredients people use in their preparation
  • Curry and soup are the most common ways of preparing goat meat
  • Sudan and China have the highest per capita goat consumption worldwide
  • The US consumes an estimated 0.25 pounds of goat meat per capita annually
  • Goat meat is among the healthiest red meats 
  • The Caribbean, South America, the Middle East, India, Europe, and Africa have numerous culinary goat meat traditions. 

Goat Meat Consumption Statistics

Check out these fascinating goat meat consumption statistics. 

Goat Meat Contributes to 60% of Consumed Red Meat Worldwide

Goat meat contributes to approximately 60% of red meats in the world. The most significant contributors, like Africans, South Americans, and Middle Easterners, have various goat dishes to define their culinary traditions. This lean meat is a fan favorite and is relatively healthy. Learning how to prepare it will increase the demand and, in turn, the supply. 

Goat Meat Is the Fourth Most Popular Meat in the US

After pork, beef, and chicken, goat meat is the most popular. Though not quite popular in the US, people still appreciate its delicateness through different cooking techniques. 

It’s also a statistic that resonates with the global number, which has most people consuming the three types of meat.

The Country Consumes Approximately 1.5 Million Heads Annually

The US consumes approximately 1.5 million heads of goat annually. Some get imported from Australia and New Zealand to supplement the country’s supply. Australia and New Zealand have a rich history and tradition of goat meat and its supply and production. 

The Average Live Weight of a Goat Is 65 Pounds

The average live weight of an adult goat ranges between 60 to 70 pounds. After slaughtering, the weight could be cut down in half. Young goats weigh approximately 15 to 25 pounds and take about 3 to 5 months to reach the 50-pound mark. 

The Demand and Trends of Goat Meat Consumption Are Steadily Rising

There’s an increase in the demand for goat meat in the US. People are slowly turning to goat meat in various recipes, including snacks and meals worldwide. People are talking more about it in social spaces, and business owners are venturing into goat meat and fine dining. 

Fruit Juice and Cider Are the Primary Ingredients People Use in Their Preparation

People use fruit juice and cider as the primary food pairings for goat meat. You can infuse it with these juices or marinate it in brine or these juices to add depth of flavor. 

The Fastest-rising Consumer Need for Goat Meat Is Snack

Most people who consume goat meat use it as a snack in different ways, like on a skewer, corn tortillas, or burgers. Goat meat recipes are evolving to bring in other preparations and diversity to encourage people to use them. 

Curry and Soup Are the Most Common Ways of Preparing Goat Meat

People borrow a lot of preparation methods from those who regularly consume it, the Jamaicans (Caribbean), Africans, or Indians. These areas are keen on developing flavors in curries or stews paired with other starches.  

Sudan and China Have the Highest per Capita Goat Consumption Worldwide

Sudan, Africa, China, and Asia are the highest-ranking countries consuming goat meat. They have staple goat meat meals highlighting soft, tender meats in the dishes. 

The US Consumes an Estimated 0.25 Pounds of Goat Meat per Capita Annually

Goat meat isn’t common in the US, with an average of 0.25 pounds consumed per capita annually. It’s less than high-consuming countries like Sudan, which have up to 8.6 pounds of goat meat per capita. 

Goat Meat Is Among the Healthiest Red Meats

Goat meat is the healthiest red meat available in the market. The meat’s fat and calorie content are the least among red meats. Its lean meat makes it perfect for cooking to medium rare to capture its gaminess and tastiness. 

The Caribbean, South America, the Middle East, India, Europe, and Africa Have Numerous Culinary Goat Meat Traditions

These areas have rich traditions in goat meat, making them heavy meat consumers. The curries, stews, soups, or raw preparations in Africa, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and Sudan, respectively.

Africa, South and Eastern America, Australia, and the Middle East Consume the Most Goat Meat Worldwide

With their special liking of goat meat as their staple food, you’d expect these countries to have a high goat meat consumption compared to the other parts. 

Goat Meat Has the Least Amount of Fats, Calories, and Cholesterol Compared To Other Red Meats

Goat meat has only 2.58g and 122 calories, the lowest among red meats. 

Goat Meat Is Sweet and Mild Not As Tough as People Think It Is

Goat meat is lean, tender, and gamy disregarding popular opinions of its toughness. A proper cooking technique lets the meat shine in its juiciness and leanness. 

There’s a Steady Increase in Restaurants Offering Goat Meat

Restaurants in the US are slowly embracing goat meat recipes for their diners. Some have even started goat meat food trucks to serve different snacks or meat recipes to their customers. 

Goat Meat Is the Fastest-Growing Segment Among Red Meats

The benefits of goat meat continue to attract more consumers to the fold. It’s touched business owners and other meat lovers, increasing the 

Goat Meat Is Environmentally Friendly

Goats make for an easy animal to keep. It feeds on weeds and shrubs, making them more important in the ecosystem. You don’t need a large area to take care of the goats. But a small area will satisfy your goats’ needs with ease. 

Goat Meat Has a Gamey Flavor Since It’s a Lean Meat

Goat meat is quite lean and gamy as it has less fat and more meat, translating to more proteins. 

You Can Easily Pair Goat Meat With Quesadillas or Tortillas (Most Common)

The most common food pairing for goat meat is quesadillas, corn tortillas, or starches like rice, roti, or flatbreads for the stew and curries. 

New Ways of Consuming Goat Meat, Like in Burgers, Are Slowly Increasing and Improving

Chefs are developing new, modern, and improved traditional recipes to favor their clients. Since most of them aren’t attached to any culinary choices that utilize goat meat, a unique formula could be how they taste and appreciate it. 

The Populations That Consume the Most Meat Are Hispanic, Muslim, and Caribbean

The history of Hispanic and Caribbean people with goat meat definitely has them using it in most dishes. Muslim enjoy a good roast or party with goat meat as they commune and share the joy in their various holidays. 

0.75% of Restaurants Have Goat Meat on Their Menu

The increase of goat meat in restaurant menus continues to encourage people to consume and enjoy the beauty of goat meat. 

83% of Goats Reared in the Country Are Meat Goats

The increasing popularity of goats has farmers rearing goats for their meat. Though milk goats are more prominent in the country because of their demand, approximately 82% of the goats reared are for their meat, representing the majority. 

The US Imports 52% Of Goat Meats

Farmers and the government are keen to improve the percentage of goat meat produced in the country. Despite the rising trend of goat meat consumption, the country still imports more than half of the goat meat consumed. 

You Can Safely Raise Goats in 50 States

It is safe and secure to raise goats in 50 states in the country. It goes to show the efforts of the food industry and the government in sensitizing people to the beauty of goat meat. 

Goat Meat Consumption Has Increased by 150% Since 2002

The consumption of goat meat has increased by 150% since 2002 and 320% since 1999. There’s been a significant rising trend over the years. 

The US Doesn’t Export Goat Meat Because Their Supply Doesn’t Meet Their Demand

Since 1990, the US hasn’t exported meat because of its lean supply attributed to the low goat meat consumption. 

Goat Meat Is Trending in Various Social Spaces

There’s an increased concern or social talks promoting goat meat consumption online. 


These are some of the most common goat meat consumption statistics. The talk about goat meat health and environmental benefits makes it an important topic in sustainability and health spaces.

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