30+ Curious Chicken Wing Consumption Statistics

Americans consumed 1 billion chicken wing servings in 2019. Boneless wings gained popularity since the 1980s, with honey BBQ as the top flavor.

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Explore 30+ intriguing stats on chicken wing consumption, from yearly rates to preferred flavors. Uncover the impact of wing lovers on our food culture. Get ready for a craving!

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Top Chicken Wing Consumption Statistics

These are the top chicken wing consumption stats that you need to know. 

  • Americans consumed approximately 1 billion servings of chicken wings in 2019. (Pitco)
  • The first “Buffalo Wing” was invented in Buffalo, New York, and the history of this delicious treat dates back to 1964. (National Chicken Council)
  • Although many locations claim to have invited the Buffalo Wing, Teresa Bellissimo made the first batch at the Anchor Bar for her son and his friends. (National Chicken Council)
  • The chicken wing rose to national prominence in the 1980s. Boneless wings became popular, and bars served them as a snack during football games. (National Chicken Council)
  • Chicken Wings are a trending topic on social media. The number of mentions in various social media channels increased 8% from 2021 to 2022. (Tastewise
  • Chicken wings are a very popular food choice in the United States. Approximately 20% of all restaurants have chicken wings on their menu. (Tastewise) 
  • One of the most exciting trends regarding chicken wings is their popularity among Vegans. The rise of vegan “chicken” is driving this statistic. (Tastewise) 
  • The average American eats 16 chicken wings in one sitting. (Soocial)
  • Americans’ preference for boneless and traditional chicken wings is split. 56% prefer traditional chicken wings, while 46% prefer boneless. (Soocial)
  • During the 2021 Superbowl, Maryland ate more chicken wings than any other state in America. (Fox 2)

Over 60% Of Americans Who Eat Chicken Wings Do So While Also Watching a Sporting Event on Television in Person. (Soocial) 

Understanding consumer behavior is crucial for businesses, especially those in the food and entertainment industries. This fact informs firms and marketers about the habits and preferences of their target audience. Promoting chicken wings alongside sporting events can be an effective marketing strategy.

Wings Are Healthier Than Fried. (H-O-M-E)

Enjoy a wing instead of fried chicken to keep calories lower. 

Chicken Wings Are Delicious and Also Have Some Health Benefits. Eating Wings in Moderation Increases Blood Hemoglobin and Improves Your Immune Responses. (NIH)

Isn’t it great to know your favorite food can be healthy!

Honey Bbq Wings Are the Most Popular Flavor in The US. (USA Today)

While chicken wings are often associated with being high in calories and fat, they also contain essential nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and minerals. Highlighting the health benefits of chicken wings, such as their positive impact on blood hemoglobin levels and immune responses, provides a more nuanced understanding of their nutritional profile.

The Average American Will Eat Almost 18,000 Chicken Wings in Their Lifetime. (SWNS Digital)  

Chicken wings have become deeply ingrained in American culture and cuisine. They are often associated with social gatherings, sports events, and casual dining. 

Chicken Wings Contain Iron and Vitamin B6. (H-O-M-E)

Stock up on your vitamins by enjoying a chicken wing or two!

One-Third of All Americans Believe a Boneless Chicken Wing Should Not Be Considered a Wing. (Yahoo)

This fact reflects an ongoing debate and differing opinions regarding the definition and classification of a chicken wing. The term “wing” traditionally refers to the specific part of the chicken that includes both the bone and the meat. 

Almost 40% Of Americans Prefer To Make Their Wings Rather Than Buy Them at a Restaurant. (New York Post)

Making their wings allows individuals to tailor the recipe, choose the cooking method, and experiment with different sauces and seasonings according to their preferences. 

Chicken Wings Might Even Help Metabolic Disorders. (H-O-M-E)

This includes gout and diabetes. 

The Buffalo Chicken Wing Was Created Accidentally. (National Chicken Council)

It was created as a treat by dipping chicken into a spicy sauce!

Despite the Many Options, Salad Is a Popular Side Dish for Chicken Wings. (Soocial) 

The popularity of salad as a side dish for chicken wings indicates a health-conscious mindset among many consumers. 

Despite Their Popularity With Americans, Only 3% Of British People Call the Wing Their Favorite Part of the Chicken. (YouGov)

This indicates that the demand for chicken wings may be lower in the British market than in the American market.

Chicken Wings Are a No-Go on First Dates. 57% Of People Would Not Order This Dish on the First Date. (New York Post

Food choices on a first date can provide insights into a person’s preferences, values, and lifestyle. 

During the Super Bowl, Americans Consume Over 1.4 Billion Wings. (QZ)

Consuming over 1.4 billion wings during the Super Bowl creates significant business opportunities for the food industry. 

Despite So Many Wings Being Enjoyed During the Super Bowl, There Won’t Be a Shortage. (National Chicken Council)

There’ll be plenty to go around. 

You Can Enjoy Chicken Wings on a Diet. (H-O-M-E)

While grilled is the best diet-safe chicken, wings will still give you a good protein boost. 

Chicken Wings Are Salty Treats That Need a Beverage. Beer Is a Popular Drink Choice for People Ordering Chicken Wings. However, Juice Is the Fastest-Rising Choice. (ScienceDirect

The fact that juice is the fastest-rising choice as a beverage with chicken wings reflects evolving consumer preferences and changing health considerations. 

Doctors Recommend That Children Under Ten Only Eat Three to Four Wings per Serving. (Alberta Health Services

Limiting the number of wings per serving for young children aligns with the goal of promoting their overall health and well-being. Excessive consumption of wings or other high-fat, high-calorie foods may increase the risk of obesity, cardiovascular problems, and other health conditions. 

A Single Deep-Fried Chicken Wing Has About 14 Grams of Fat. (Satia Nutrition

Of course, it’s important to remember that chicken is also a great protein source. 

While Tasty, Chicken Wings Don’t Have a Ton of Meat. Each Wing Only Has About One Ounce of Chicken Meat. (Healthline)

Consuming excessive amounts of dietary fat can contribute to weight gain, high cholesterol levels, and increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. Awareness of chicken wings’ fat content can help individuals make informed decisions.

19% Of Restaurants Offer Chicken Wings. (TasteWise)

They’re fast becoming a necessity on every menu. 

The World Record for the Most Chicken Wings Eaten in 30 Minutes Is 501. Molly Schuyler Set the Record in 2018. (Sports Illustrated

The fact that Molly Schuyler’s record-setting feat is noteworthy enough to be included in discussions reflects the public’s interest in extraordinary food-related accomplishments and the appeal of such records as spectacles or feats of human achievement.

Americans Consume Enough Chicken Wing Drums and Flats to Circle the Earth! (National Chicken Council

Raising chickens for meat production, including wings, requires land, water, and other resources. Such high consumption levels can have implications for sustainability, highlighting the need for responsible and sustainable practices within the poultry industry.

South Carolina Eats the Most Chicken Wings per Capita. The Average South Carolinian Eats 128 Wings per Year! (Pantry and Larder)

The high consumption of chicken wings in South Carolina has economic implications. It supports local poultry producers, suppliers, and restaurants, contributing to the economy. 

Idaho Eats the Least Amount of Chicken Wings, With an Average of 42 per Person per Year. (Pantry and Larder)

The fact highlights the regional food culture and preferences in Idaho, where chicken wings are less commonly consumed than in other states. 

More Wings Are Eaten on Super Bowl Sunday Than on Any Other Day. Over 5% Of All Wings Are Consumed During the Super Bowl. (Forbes)

Restaurants and bars experienced a surge in wing orders, leading to increased production, sales, and revenue. 

Boneless Wings Are Preferred by 40% Of People. (PBS)

There are many different kinds of ways to cook them too! 

Chicken Wings Were Once Considered a Kids Food. (BrasilaGosto)

Thankfully, now people of all ages can enjoy them.

Boneless Wings Cost Around $5 on Average. (PBS)

Not too expensive for a tasty snack!

On Super Bowl Sunday, Americans Will Get 75% Of Their Wings From Restaurants, While the Other 25% Come From Grocery Stores. (Nielsen Perishables Group

Many prefer to save time and effort by relying on restaurants to prepare and deliver the wings for their game-day celebrations. It reflects the desire to have ready-to-eat wings without extensive cooking or preparation.

Final Thoughts

From classic Buffalo wings to new and exciting flavors, chicken wings have become a beloved part of our meals. Regardless of whether you prefer drums or flats, spicy or mild, these statistics should remind you that the love for chicken wings is boundless. Each bite allows us to enjoy not only the flavors but also the shared passion we have for finding the perfect chicken wing. Enjoy your wing-eating experience!

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