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Shipping Meat? Discover How Dry Ice Can Keep It Fresh

Shipping Meat? Discover How Dry Ice Can Keep It Fresh

Shipping foods like frozen meat can be challenging for many people. Meat is sensitive to temperature fluctuations and can spoil quickly, leading to losses. Spoiled meat can also cause food poisoning when you consume it.

To avoid such issues, consider shipping your meat under low temperatures. One of the best ways to lower the temperature of your meat during shipping is by using dry ice. It will keep it fresh until it arrives at the destination. This article explains how dry ice can keep your meat fresh during shipping.

It’s Colder Than Usual

Dry ice keeps meat fresh during shipping because it’s colder than usual. The average dry ice temperature is -109° F, enough to keep food fresh.

Extremely low temperatures stop food spoilage by slowing down the chemical changes that alter food quality or cause it to spoil

Low temperatures also reduce the movement of molecules in your meat. Slow molecule movement makes microbes that cause food spoilage enter a dormant stage after some time, meaning they won’t grow or multiply. This enables your meat to remain fresh for a certain period until it reaches the required destination.

Dry Ice Doesn’t Melt

dry ice

Another reason why dry ice keeps your meat fresh during shipping is because it doesn’t melt. Instead, it sublimes, which means it changes from solid into vapor directly and escapes into the surrounding.

This property is beneficial for keeping your meat fresh when shipping it over a long distance since water will not collect in your shipping container. When water accumulates in your shipping or storage container, it creates a conducive environment for microorganisms to grow, causing food spoilage.

It Lasts Longer

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Dry ice sublimes during shipping, and you may need to replace it regularly to keep your meat cold so it can reach its destination while still fresh. When replacing the dry ice in your shipping container, exercise extra caution since you may accidentally contaminate your meat rendering your efforts a waste.

Dry ice can serve you longer compared to other methods of lowering food temperature, like regular ice. 

On average, a huge block of dry ice for shipping meat can serve you up to 24 hours before needing replacement compared to regular ice, which melts after three or four hours of transportation. However, it may last longer or shorter depending on different factors, such as insulation thickness and ambient temperature.

When you don’t have to replace dry ice regularly, you reduce the chances of food contamination ensuring your meat arrives while still in good condition. For journeys shorter than 24 hours, you may reach your destination without replacing the dry ice completely.  

Dry Ice Doesn’t Alter Food Taste

When you pack your meat with items that have strong odors or flavors, it tends to absorb their smell. With dry ice, you don’t have to worry about this issue since it’s a food-grade product that is FDA approved. Instead, it helps it retain its original flavor and remain fresh.

Nevertheless, you have to be careful during packing. Seal your meat correctly to prevent the dry ice from coming into contact with the meat. Otherwise, it may alter its taste and stop being fresh.

FAQs about Dry Ice in Shipping

Here are the frequently asked questions about dry ice for shipping meat.

Can you ship meat with dry ice?

Yes, you can ship meat with dry ice. Shipping meat with dry ice is one of the best methods to lower its temperature and ensure it reaches its destination while still fresh.

The first thing you should do when using dry ice for shipping meat is to get a cooler and put your meat inside. Next, place the dry ice pellets on top of the food. Leave enough head space to close the lid without touching the dry ice.

 Always insulate the ice with a towel or newspaper before placing it on your food. You should seal your meat properly to prevent it from coming into contact with the ice since it may alter its taste.

How long does dry ice last when shipping meat?

Dry ice can last for up to 24 hours when shipping meat. This period is quite long compared to other methods of lowering food temperature, like water ice which lasts three to four hours, making it the best method for shipping meat over long distances. 

However, it can last longer or shorter than this, depending on insulation thickness and ambient temperature.

How much does it cost to ship meat with dry ice?

Typically, dry ice costs between $1.00 to $3.00 per pound. The amount of money you spend on shipping meat depends on the amount of dry ice you use. For a 24-hour shipping period, you may need about 10 pounds of dry ice. This means that you’ll spend between $10-$30.

Can you use dry ice to transport frozen meat?

Yes, dry ice is suitable for transporting all frozen food, including frozen meat. It will keep it fresh for some time without altering its tastes, ensuring it arrives at the required destination while still in good condition.