4+ Tips to Become a Whole Hog Cooker Pro!

Master Whole Hog Cooking with Pro Tips: Your Guide to Perfectly Smoked, Succulent Meat Every Time!

whole hog cooker 4+ Tips to Become a Whole Hog Cooker Pro!

Learning how to use a whole hog cooker like a pro can be challenging, especially if you’ve just bought one. So instead of jumping straight to cooking and assuming it’ll work out, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with the cooking process and learning some helpful tips on improving as a whole hog cooker.

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How Much Does a Hog Cooker Cost?

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The price of a whole hog cooker will vary based on multiple points, including the brand, features, and other conveniences. For example, some may have standard legs while others have wheels, making it easy for you to transport the hog cooker for trips and campouts.

If you go with a low-end hog cooker, you’ll need to spend 400 dollars at minimum, but a high-end cooker can easily cost up to 4,000 dollars or more. The pricing comes down to what you need from a cooker, so you’ll need to review your options and choose.

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What Is the Best Temperature To Cook a Whole Hog?

The best temperature depends on the hog, so you must watch and set the temperature accordingly. You need the internal temperature at 160 degrees Fahrenheit before eating the pig, though 170 degrees is ideal if you want the best quality.

With that in mind, you’ll need to check the internal temperature with a thermometer throughout the process. When you cook it, set it to about 180 degrees to get it started until it heats up.

If you have a hog under 160 degrees after the expected cooking time, set the temperature to 200. Once the hog reaches 160, you must monitor it closely to avoid overcooking it. From there, you can stop once the internal temperature reaches 170 degrees or set it to 170 to maintain it.

How Long Does It Take To Cook a Whole Hog?

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The amount of time required to cook with a whole hog cooker depends on various factors, such as your set temperature and the size of the pig. The more giant pig you have, the longer it’ll take to cook.

Assuming you have a smaller pig, the process will take at least six hours to cook. Some situations may require you to cook it for over ten hours. On top of that, different conditions can affect the length, so expect to be there for a while.

Ensure you check the internal temperature every once in a while once you pass the six-hour point. Checking it can help you see how long it’ll take to cook, especially if you can’t remember the hog’s weight.

How To Cook a Pig on a Hog Cooker?

Cooking a hog isn’t as challenging as it seems if you use a whole hog cooker. However, you must focus on the prep work since it’ll do most of the cooking. Once you gut the pig and get it ready, you should season it according to your preferences.

Ensure you always add salt for additional flavor, though what you do from there depends on your preferences. Some people like to use barbecue as a rub, though you can review other rub options based on your preferences.

Once you do so, you must prep the hog cooker. The approach you take varies between cookers, since some use propane, others may require wood, and some have you use coal. A few will come with a rotisserie stick, allowing you to spin the hog to cook it constantly and evenly.

Check the instructions for your hog cooker to see how you should do it. After you do so, wait the required six hours, check on it, and watch the hog until it’s ready.

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