8+ Ways to Perfectly Enjoy Aged Salami

Enjoy aged salami perfectly with these 8 tasty ways: serve with eggs, top pizza, use as an appetizer, add to salads, make it crispy, use as a hiking snack, mix with pasta, or pair with goat cheese on a sandwich.

aged salami 8+ Ways to Perfectly Enjoy Aged Salami

Aged salami is a true delicacy that many people enjoy, but few understand how to perfectly enjoy this aged meat.

I’ve spent a lot of time experimenting with the right accompaniments and finding just the right ways to eat aged salami, and in this article, I’ll offer suggestions to ensure you enjoy this cured meat every time.

Here are eight simple yet tasty ways to enjoy aged salami that will bring out all its subtle, unique flavors and textures for a truly memorable experience!

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1. Serve It With Eggs

Two fried eggs in a pan on the stove. Two whole yolks are visible and there is white egg around. There is salami in the egg.

There are so many ways to eat eggs – scrambled, fried, over easy, as an omelet, as a quiche, etc. – and all go swimmingly with pieces of aged salami on top.

2. Cook It on Top of Pizza

top view of delicious Italian pizza with vegetables and salami on black background

Pepperoni isn’t the only type of sausage that goes well on pizza. Aged salami adds a burst of salty flavor and can make for an even tastier pizza.

3. Use It as an Appetizer

What Are Charcuterie Meats

Cut aged salami into small cubes and serve it with various cheeses and other accompaniments such as pickles, olives, or grapes. A charcuterie board is a lovely way to start any meal!

4. Add It To a Salad

Salad with figs, mozzarella, prosciutto and raspberries

Whether on a Caesar salad or something more simple and traditional like greens and tomatoes, aged salami adds a delicious punchy flavor and texture to any salad.

3. Make It Crispy on a Skillet

beef sausages cooked on iron skillet

Eating aged salami straight from the package is delightful, but you can also use a skillet to make pieces of salami crispy before adding it to any meal you choose.

4. Use It as a Hiking Snack

Because aged salami is great from the package, why not bring it along on your next camping trip? You can pre-cut it or bring a camping knife with you.

5. Add It to Mac and Cheese

Casserole with pepperoni

Bacon and mac and cheese are fan favorites. Similarly, the salty goodness of aged salami brings out this homestyle dish’s salty, cheesy flavor.

6. Sauté It with Spinach

sausage with fresh spinach

The aged salami’s salty flavor pairs perfectly with spinach for a quick, delicious side dish

7. Put Chopped Salami on Pasta

Mix aged salami with cooked pasta for a tasty meal. You can also add some herbs like thyme, rosemary, or oregano to bring out the flavors even further.

8. Combine It With Goat Cheese on a Sandwich

Italian subs are popular salami dishes, but you can put aged salami on other types of sandwiches as well, such as a goat cheese sandwich.

Frequently Asked Questions

For all of these ways to enjoy aged salami, it’s important to ensure that you have the best salami, of course. 

If salami is aged right, it has a nice balance of flavors – salty and sweet, smokey and savory. But if it’s aged too long, it can become overly tough and unappetizing in texture.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about aged salami.

How long can you age salami?

The length of time you can age salami will depend on the type of salami and the environment in which you age it. 

The optimal aging time for most salami is 2-12 weeks, depending on the type you choose and how spicy or dry you want it to be.

Is salami aged meat?

Yes, salami is aged meat. Salami is made from cured meats aged in a controlled environment to enhance their flavor and texture.

Is salami dry-aged?

When meat is “dry-aged,” this means that it has been aged without the addition of any moisture and in a low-humidity environment.

Salami is dry aged because it’s cured with salt and other spices, fermented, then hung up to air dry, which allows it to absorb flavors while expelling various bacteria.

What does old salami taste like?

Dry salami can last up to six weeks in the pantry before it starts to go bad, while it can last indefinitely in the fridge.

Bad salami might taste similar, but the smell and texture might be off. You might notice a distinct color change, a spoiled smell, or mold and sliminess.

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