4+ Ways Briquettes Grill Can Improve Your Barbecue Experience

Enhance your barbecue with briquettes — cheap, stable, and consistent grilling fuel for flavorful, long-lasting cooking sessions.

briquettes grill 4+ Ways Briquettes Grill Can Improve Your Barbecue Experience

Are You trying to cook the best meat and vegetables for your upcoming family party? If so, learning how to use a grill can put the best meat, char, and smoke into the food. We recommend using briquettes to enhance your barbecue experience at a fraction of the price of lump charcoal! 

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What Are Grill Briquettes?

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If you are grilling meat for an upcoming holiday, you might wonder how to get the best char and smoke on your meat or vegetables. One of the most common methods for cooking is a briquette grill. 

Briquettes are low-cost, versatile, reliable, and easy to find. But, even though they can be found in dozens of shops just walking distance from where you live, many people may not know what they actually are — or why they are good for your barbecue experience.

Grill briquettes are stable, consistent, and cheap when compared to charcoal. These reasons make them popular among those who enjoy grilling without spending more money on charcoal. 

Steps To Add Briquettes to Your Grill

Before you use briquettes, you need to know the step of how to add briquettes to your gas or barbecue grill:

  1. Make sure the briquettes are suitable for your specific type of grill
  2. Gather the necessary ingredients – briquettes, grill, matches, tin foil, and gravel
  3. Clean the grill and get rid of any dirt, debris, or food residue
  4. Ensure there is proper ventilation surrounding the grill
  5. Line the walls with aluminum foil — this step is optional, but it helps keep in heat and prevent dirty surfaces
  6. Use gravel for more lining to reflect even more heat
  7. Arrange the briquettes in even spacing over the flames 
  8. Light the grill
  9. Heat the briquettes until they are red in color
  10. Check the temperature using a thermometer
  11. Place the grill over the briquettes
  12. Grill away! 

Tips for Maintaining Your Briquettes

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There are a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of your briquettes:

  • Replace your briquettes at regular intervals — if the briquettes fall apart, make sure you throw out the old ones, clean the grill, and purchase briquettes compatible with your grill type
  • Soak brisket in vinegar to clean them thoroughly
  • Turn the briquettes or rotate them after every grill session so they are ready the next time you use the grill. The briquettes should be glowing red before you shut the grill. 

Briquettes Pros and Cons 

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So, which should you buy for your outdoor barbecue session — briquettes or charcoal? Let’s check out some of the pros and cons of each burning and grilling method that can influence your decision.


  • Burns for a longer period of time — A longer burn not only means they are longer-lasting for multiple grilling sessions, but they ensure the flame does not go out while cooking a piece of meat completely through.
  • Easy to maintain the same temperature — The last thing you want is a grilling method that fluctuates in temperature; this can lead to uncooked meat or uneven sections. With briquettes, the temperature is consistent for the entirety of the time. 
  • Cheap — Briquettes are cheaper and lower-cost than charcoal, making them a smart choice for those who frequently grill and have a high turnover or those who do not want to spend a premium on barbecue grilling methods.
  • Good for smoking — BRiquettes are the top-tier choice for smoking since chefs can just let the meat sit and do other things in the meantime. 


  • Longer to light — Briquettes May take longer to light, but this is usually not an issue unless you are in a real hurry.
  • Large ash production — The only other ‘con’ of using briquettes is the ash production, which can take longer to clean. 

What is the purpose of briquettes in a gas grill?

There are a few reasons why chefs may choose briquettes for their gas grill. This type of cooking method uses less fuel, comes in different sizes, can be widely found in various stores, and distributes heat evenly for safe cooking. 

Are briquettes the same as charcoal?

Briquettes are very similar when comparing them to charcoal. This cooking method adds a smoky flavor when compared to chemical alternatives found in lighter fluid. 

Are briquettes better than charcoal?

Briquettes are the best choice for chefs who want a long-lasting option that adds more flavor to the meat. However, for chefs who want a hotter sear on their meat and a different flavor profile, they may choose charcoal. There is no ‘better’ option, but briquettes are more cost-effective and provide similar benefits. 

Does grill type matter for using briquettes or charcoal?

The grill type doesn’t hold much significance when choosing a burning method. However, chefs who use kamado grills usually find that charcoal is better than other smokers. Chefs who want to use briquettes can use this versatile burning method to light a coal fire quickly. 

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