5+ Tips for Perfectly Roasting Your Food with an Outdoor Rotisserie Spit

Outdoor rotisserie spit roasting enhances flavor and juiciness; key tips include lighting a perfect fire, balancing meat, and supervising the roast diligently.

outdoor rotisserie spit 5+ Tips for Perfectly Roasting Your Food with an Outdoor Rotisserie Spit

While your oven can always do the job, it can’t compare to outdoor rotisserie spit roasting. An open fire’s natural, smoky aromas give your food a richer and juicier flavor. Spit roasting is a cooking method involving rotating your food over a consistent heat source. Rotating ensures your meat cooks evenly.

Unlike other cooking methods, roasting allows natural juices to flow back to the heart of the meat. This contributes to the overall flavor of your flesh. Outdoor rotisserie spit roasting is one of the best ways to cook your method, and with the right tips, it can also be a fun, satisfying experience. Read on for five tips that will give you the perfect results.

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Light the Perfect Fire

Cooking 3 rotisserie chicken on the grill with Charcoal and Briquettes in the professional steak house or barbecue restaurant

The first step in ensuring you perfectly roast your food outdoors is lighting the perfect fire. Set up your fire with both thin and dense logs. This will give you an ideal combination of logs that will catch fire easily and those that will burn slower and generate heat for longer.

Ignite your fire by wetting a piece of paper using cooking oil. Slide it underneath your wood and light it up. Once you’ve started your fire, ensure it keeps burning. You can constantly fan your flame to keep it alive.

To Marinade or Not to Marinade?

Uncooked chicken wings and marinade in a ziplock bag

You can throw just about anything on the fire when cooking using an open-fire grill. However, with experience, you will realize it’s not about the marinade. It’s about the meat itself. You can end up with a delicious, well-done piece of meat with the right amount of salt and flame.

Spit roasting allows you to enhance the natural flavors of your food. You, therefore, don’t need that many sauces to achieve a flavorful dish. However, if you are a marinade person, it doesn’t hurt to add some seasoning. Ensure that these sauces don’t overpower the natural taste of your food.

Secure the Outdoor Rotisserie Spit

One challenging part of roasting food over an outdoor rotisserie spit is keeping the food on the grill. Failure to secure your rotisserie spit may cause the food to fall into the fire. It’s essential to ensure you secure your spit to avoid this disappointment.

Most rotisserie spits come with an instruction manual with a step-by-step list of what to do to ensure your grill is intact. For meat such as chicken wings or legs, it’s advisable to use butcher’s twine to tie them together. This prevents the pieces from falling apart. Avoid using cotton twine as it will burn through the meat.

You must also ensure that your food is balanced on the rotisserie spit. This contributes to keeping the food secure.

Supervise Your Fire

Grilled pork baby ribs with barbecue sauce on the grill. Festival street food

Most people assume that you don’t need to keep a lookout once you have set up your roasting station. However, things can quickly go wrong if you neglect your fire for a long time. Your food may stop roasting due to power outages or motor failure.

Once this happens, the juices from the food drip onto the hot coal, which can lead to a fire. Your food can also overcook and burn if you don’t constantly check up on it.

Let Your Food Rest

One of the most critical tips you must remember when using an outdoor rotisserie spit is to let your food rest after grilling. Allow your food to rest for about 10-20 minutes before serving. Resting allows the food’s juices to flow throughout, making it tender and moist for meat. Failing to follow this tip will end in dry, tough food.

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