13+ Tasty Ways to Make Venison Meatloaf with Sausage

Venison meatloaf with sausage offers healthier and flavorful options. Try unique recipes like bacon-wrapped or BBQ glazed variations for a delicious twist.

venison meatloaf with sausage 13+ Tasty Ways to Make Venison Meatloaf with Sausage

Everyone has their favorite meatloaf recipe. You can find countless ways to cook this comfort food, from traditional to artisan. But, have you tried meatloaf with venison? It’s a healthier alternative to beef and pork and tastes great. 

Today, we’ll look at thirteen tasty ways to make venison meatloaf with sausage. 

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Tasty Ways to Make Venison Meatloaf with Sausage

If you’ve been looking for new ways to enjoy venison, we’re here to help. 

We’ve found thirteen meatloaf recipes that will impress your friends and family. So let’s get right on the list and start cooking. 

Venison Sausage Meatloaf with Onions and Garlic

Combine venison sausage with onions and garlic for a classic mom-style meatloaf. 

Topped with brown gravy or ketchup, your family will come back for seconds every time you make this dish. 

Bacon-wrapped Venison Sausage Meatloaf

Since venison is lean, you need a fat source to keep the meatloaf together. 

There’s no better way to wrap a meatloaf than with bacon. The bacon cooks to a crisp over the meatloaf while keeping the venison meatloaf with sausage moist and tender. 

BBQ Glazed Venison Meatloaf with Sausage

You can add spice and sweetness to your meatloaf by coating the top with your favorite BBQ sauce

While cooking, the BBQ sauce crisps perfectly and adds wonderful flavors to your family dinner. Choose a BBQ sauce with extra spice if you like an extra kick to your meals. 

Venison Sausage Meatloaf with Cranberry and Apple Stuffing

Enjoying cranberry sauce and apple stuffing doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving. 

Instead of bread, you’ll prepare cranberry and apple stuffing to mix with the venison and sausage. Sweet and savory, this meatloaf version is great for chilly Autumn nights. 

Venison Meatloaf with Sausage, Cheddar, and Jalapenos

Cheesy and spicy, this meatloaf mix has everything. 

First, mix jalapeno into the ground venison and sausage. Next, you’ll smother the meatloaf with a hearty layer of sharp cheddar cheese to add tangy flavor and compliment the spicy jalapenos. 

Serve this meatloaf with nachos and salsa for a unique Mexican-inspired dinner. 

Venison Sausage Meatloaf with Italian Seasoning and Parmesan Cheese

Italian seasoning and parmesan cheese are classic ingredients used in countless meatloaf recipes. But, of course, they go great with venison meatloaf and sausage. 

The cheese helps bind the meatloaf, while the Italian seasonings transport you to Italy with every bite. 

Venison Sausage Meatloaf with Corn and Black Bean Salsa

Combine your venison sausage with Mexican spices to transform your meatloaf into taco night. 

We suggest preparing homemade corn and black bean salsa to complement the main dish. Mixed with tomatoes, onions, and spices, the cold salsa is a fresh and spicy complement to the hearty venison meatloaf. 

Venison Sausage with Sweet Potato and Maple Syrup

If you prefer sweet and savory, this meatloaf should be the first one on the list to try. 

You’ll combine mashed sweet potatoes with ground venison sausage, herbs, spices, and maple syrup for the meatloaf. Don’t forget to coat the top of the meatloaf with maple syrup as well. 

Venison Sausage Meatloaf with Mushroom and Thyme Stuffing

Mushroom and thyme offer a classic flavor profile for your venison sausage meatloaf. This gives the meal earthy aromas and flavors. 

You’ll also want to prepare a mushroom gravy to serve with the meatloaf.

Venison and Sausage Meatloaf with Chorizo and Cornbread Stuffing

Bold and flavorful, chorizo adds a punch to plain venison meatloaf. 

Chorizo goes great in a variety of Latin American and Spanish cuisine. It adds spice and savory flavors to your dish. 

Combined with cornbread stuffing, chorizo, and venison meatloaf is a great alternative to classic mom-style meatloaf. 

Venison and Sausage Meatloaf with Soy Sauce and Ginger

Interested in an Asian-inspired meatloaf? 

Soy sauce, ginger, and garlic give meatloaf a unique flavor profile. Depending on your tastebuds, you can also add Sriracha or other Asian sauces to increase the dish’s spiciness. 

Instead of mashed potatoes, serve this meatloaf with steamed rice and stir-fried vegetables. 

Venison and Sausage Meatloaf with Curry Powder and Coconut Milk  

This recipe is an exotic twist on traditional meatloaf, with the rich and creamy flavors of coconut milk and the aromatic spices of curry powder. 

The depth of flavor enhances the venison and sausage from the curry and the coconut milk provides a smooth and creamy texture. 

You can use less curry powder in the mix for those who prefer less spice. This dish can be served with rice or naan bread to soak up the delicious sauce.

Italian Venison and Sausage Meatloaf with Marinara and Mozzarella

Instead of ketchup or BBQ sauce, you can coat the meatloaf with marinara. 

Combine the venison with breadcrumbs, garlic, and seasonings, and cover with mozzarella cheese and marina. 

This recipe is ideal for lasagna lovers looking to avoid excess carbs since there are no noodles. 


Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about venison meatloaf and how to make it. 

What is the best to mix with ground venison? 

Venison is healthy lean meat and benefits from adding fattier meat to the ground mix. Beef and pork are good fatty options to add to the mix. Also, a good mix of garlic, pepper, onions, and herbs rounds out the flavor profile of ground venison. 

Should I add pork to ground venison? 

Adding pork to ground venison can improve the texture and flavor of the meatloaf. Venison is lean meat, so adding pork with its higher fat content helps keep the meatloaf moist and flavorful.

What do you put in meatloaf to keep it from falling apart? 

If your meatloaf is falling apart, you’re not using enough binding agents. Eggs, breadcrumbs, and oatmeal help hold a meatloaf together and prevent the dish from crumbling.

What is the secret to moist meatloaf?

The secret to moist meatloaf is to use a combination of lean and fatty meats, such as venison and sausage, and to keep the ingredients the same. Additionally, adding a moist ingredient such as milk or tomato sauce can also help keep the meatloaf moist.

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